How Is India’s Lockdown 5.0 Proven To Be A Political Mistake?

A few days ago, India announced their Lockdown 5.0 and how these rules will be different from the other four lockdowns. The upcoming lockdown will have more relaxations coming up for people in green or orange zones and that many sectors will slowly start opening up in the months ahead. Read more to learn about the pushback that this decision has brought upon the Indian Government as they are relaxing lockdown rules at a time when the country’s new cases and deaths are skyrocketing.

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What Happens To Transportation After The Pandemic?

Now that we are all staying inside, the use of public transportation has been constricted in order to contain the coronavirus. Now that public transportation is not possible, they are now finding different ways in order to get around local places. By going through these hard times, many people have reevaluated their traveling methods and their opinion on public transportation. Read more to learn about the impact that this health pandemic has had on public transportation.

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Coronavirus: What Will Happen To The Income of Tamil Nadu?

Putting out the Janet Curfew in India has affected so many wage workers which you could know more in detail by reading Coronavirus: What You Need to Know About the Struggle of Tamil Wagers. Keeping these people inside has not only affected the workers themselves but also the overall economy of the state government of Tamil Nadu. Read more to learn about the losses that the southern state of India, Tamil Nadu, is currently facing as a result of the lockdown.

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Coronavirus: What Should India Do In The 4th Phase of The Curfew?

When the coronavirus began to spread out of China, the Indian Government launched a one day curfew on March 22nd. Then, they quickly sprung into action where they proposed a 3-week curfew from March 24th to April 14th. The Janet Curfew, has been extended for the 3rd time where the curfew has been in place for a total of 49 days. Once the current extension of the curfew ends on May 18th, how would India behave to the current situation of the pandemic and take necessary actions in order to keep the country safe and running?

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Coronavirus: Working Hours In India Has Been Extended to 12 Hours???

Industry organizations in India have called for the extension of working hours to deal with the health crisis caused by the coronavirus. On March 24, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced the Janet Curfew until April 14th to curb the spread of coronavirus throughout the country. As per the demand of various state governments, this curfew has been extended multiple times until May 18th.

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Coronavirus: People Panic As Tamil Patient Escapes From Hospital

Coronavirus infection is intensifying day by day in Chennai. The state of Tamil Nadu now have a number of 3,550 confirmed coronavirus cases where 31 of them have died. Overall, India now have an additional 3,561 confirmed cases since their last update making the tally to a number of 56,342. During this crucial time of skyrocketing number of new cases, a sudden panic spread through the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital yesterday where an old man with the coronavirus suddenly disappeared

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Coronavirus: India Makes Special Trains For People To Travel

On yesterday’s blog (Coronavirus: What Tamil People Have to Follow If They Want To Travel?), we spoke about how the Indian government is letting workers go back to their home state or district by issuing them a travel pass. However, we discussed in detail about how those people have to go through home isolation for 14 days in order for them to travel. Today, we will talk about the mode of transportation that these people are using in order to go back to their homes.

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Coronavirus: What Tamil People Have to Follow If They Want To Travel?

As the coronavirus spreads at a faster rate as the quarantine life goes on, the Indian Government realized that the Janet Curfew hasn’t been able to keep the number of new coronavirus cases to a low number. Therefore, the government extended the curfew by 2-weeks after the May 3rd deadline. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, they have also proposed different rules for every district depending upon the impact of the coronavirus in those areas.

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Coronavirus: What Will Happen To The Lockdown In India?

As far as the statistics go for the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India, the total number of people who have been infected with the coronavirus has reached a number of 33,610. As for the death count, 1,075 people have died in India. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, the numbers of confirmed cases has reached a count of 2,162 confirmed cases in the state where 27 people have died.

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Coronavirus: What Happens When Chennai Extend Their Old Curfew?

As the number of coronavirus cases increases in Chennai, reports state that the lockdown will likely be extended to June 30th. Since the Tamil people were very eager to come out after May 3rd, which was the previous date for the lockdown, this news has caused great fear among the public. Until today, 1821 people have been affected by coronation in Tamil Nadu and a total of 23 people have died in the state.

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Coronavirus: New Road Violations Provokes Fear In Chennai

Anna Road has been sealed since yesterday as the coronavirus has seriously attacked not only Tamil Nadu, but all over India. Tamil Nadu Police have warned that violent action will be taken if vehicles go beyond that barrier. The curfew has been issued until the 3rd of next month, in response to the coronation. The public are only allowed to purchase their essential items from 6 am to 1 pm. The police have confiscated many vehicles including cars and bikes for various reasons. So far, 268,537 complaints have been registered and were received over the curfew across Tamil Nadu. Of those complaints, 285,150 have been arrested and 2,88,770 vehicles were seized.

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Coronavirus: What Happened Between Modi And Palanisamy?

Prime Minister Modi telephoned the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palanisamy about the corruption in Tamil Nadu.  The Prime Minister has briefed about the preventive measures being taken in Tamil Nadu. More than 209 countries in the world, including India, have been threatened by the coronavirus pandemic. Meanwhile, the curfew which was previously announced just for a Sunday was then extended to what was called the Janet Curfew which was in force for only 21 days from March 24th to April 14th in order to contain the continuous spread of the coronavirus.

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Coronavirus: Tamil Policemen Panic As People Travel In the Streets

The families of policemen involved in the security work have demanded that the people around them still unfortunately continue to roam around the streets and highways despite the regulations of the curfew. As a preventive measure, the Tamil Nadu government has issued a curfew on March 24 from 6 pm. Subsequently, 1.20 lakh policemen are engaged in security work across Tamil Nadu in order to make sure that the coronavirus is controlled before it gets too late. 

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Coronavirus: What Happened in CM Palanisamy’s Video Conference?

Now that the Coronavirus is spreading vigorously in India, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Edappadi Palanisamy, has consulted with all his district collectors. Prime Minister Modi has announced the Janet Curfew on March 24th and state that it will remain in force until the April 14th. Tamil Nadu has issued Section 144 for the spread of coronavirus which followed by holidays to various offices, schools and colleges. Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy has appealed to the public to not get out of the house other than for essential needs.

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