Coronavirus: What Will Happen To The Lockdown In India?

As far as the statistics go for the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India, the total number of people who have been infected with the coronavirus has reached a number of 33,610. As for the death count, 1,075 people have died in India. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, the numbers of confirmed cases has reached a count of 2,162 confirmed cases in the state where 27 people have died.

WIll India be able to survive this health war against the coronavirus and come out with as few deaths as possible? 

Medical experts have warned that the government that the deadline for the May 3rd lockdown is soon coming to an end. When these experts had a meeting with all the state chiefs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stressed that during the pandemic against the coronavirus, the economy of the country should also be given some importance. The government is saying that the curfew will be extended nationwide after May 3rd. At the same time, since the deadline is coming to an end in a few days, people have started to debate on social media networks on whether the curfew will be extended or relaxed in the future.

Aside from the government’s perspective, Indian medical experts have stated the country’s curfew should be extended until the end of May. Looking into the current health situation of the country, experts believe that the current lockdown has not been able to stabilize the number of new coronavirus cases appearing in India. Therefore, if India decides to lose the lockdown because of the economy, then the country will explode with new coronavirus cases. To say the least, they believe that at least transportation services (train, airlines, local buses), and public places (malls, shopping complexes, bazaars, places of worship) must be closed in order to contain the virus.

The current number of Red Zone districts with the most number of hotspots ranges from about 129 to 170 districts. Fortunately, this number has declined from 307 to 325 districts from the past. Although the Red Zone districts in India have decreased as a result of the lockdown, the number of Green Zone areas has remained unaffected. Similarly, the number of Orange counties (Districts between Red and Green) that were not affected has increased from a number of 207 districts to 297 districts. Thus, curfews in the Red Zone should be extended for at least two or more weeks in order to keep the new cases in low levels. At the same time, they are strengthening security in green zones in order to keep these zones as safe as it is today.

In order to keep these Green Zone boundaries from turning into red, these districts must be closed and follow the curfew orders in order to contain the virus. For the dangerous areas where lots of people have been affected, curfews should be extended so that the virus doesn’t spread from those areas and affect more people. Therefore, the curfew should be extended for another 4 weeks—especially in those areas. Only in the Green Zone can economic activities be allowed with extreme caution.

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