What You Need To Know About Bombay Blood

Donating blood is a crucial act of service which could potentially save tons of lives in the future. With blood types that are rare such as AB-, donating these types of rare blood to a blood bank could them an unseen hero. We have all heard of blood groups such as A, B, AB, and O. However, we are going to discuss a very rare blood group that factors into its own division (HH Division)—also known as Bombay Blood.

A women by the name Vijayalakshmi came from the town of Payyanur which was near Kallakurichi in the Villupuram district. At this time of the crisis, the doctors witnessed a different blood type in this women. The doctors were astonished when they saw that the blood which belongs to the rare type of Bombay blood (HH Division). This woman was pregnant and she came to the Mundiyampakkam Government Hospital for her delivery. After realizing the rare blood type, she was taken from the government hospital to the Jipmer Hospital a few days ago in Pondicherry for further treatment

After realizing that her blood synced with the Bombay Blood, the doctors who examined her told Vijayalakshmi’s mother, Amaleku, that she immediately needs to arrange for Bombay blood since Vijayalakshmi has lost some blood during treatment. Not knowing what to do, Amaleku shouted to the public in the hospital premises to save her daughter. Soon, the Puducherry Armed Forces Guard realized the importance of the situation in the hospital and contacted an organization nearby for help.

Subsequently, Santhosh, a volunteer from this organization who also happened to have the Bombay Blood. When he heard the news, he went to the Jipmer Blood Bank in a chauffeur and donated Bombay blood for the pregnant woman. On the other hand, Vijayalakshmi was in a surgery during this time and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Vijayalakshmi’s mother, Amaleku, informed the audience and thanked the organization for their support. Many people in the hospital applauded the police for helping the woman to get the rare blood type during a critical time of her pregnancy along with the young man, Santhosh, who provided the blood.

What is that “Bombay Blood???

At last, what is the huge talk behind this Bombay Blood and why is it so rare?

Along with the four types of blood groups in the world, Bombay blood is also an important blood type among them. This blood was named after Dr. Bende, who first discovered it in Mumbai in 1952. Look at the short video down below to understand how Bombay Blood got its name and why it is so rare.

The Bombay Blood Group by Scroll.in

As you have seen from the video, Bombay blood is a strange blood type that has lost its antigens. Bombay Blood is also known as the Bombay Group since over 35 people were discovered simultaneously in India with this blood type. 4 out of 10 lakh people (0.0004 percent of the world population) have this type of blood. It is important to note that any type of blood can only be stored for 35 days and cannot be collected in advance.

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