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What Led To The Horrific Death of Jayaraj And Fennix?

A few weeks back, a policeman brutally killed a colored man named George Floyd where the United States went up in flames so that this man gets justice. Recently, another incident occurred in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu where the police misused their power by killing a father and a son in the police station.

Read more to learn about the series of events that led to this horrific death of these two innocent citizens and the action that was taken on the police for this act.


What Are The Chances For The 6th Curfew in India?

A few weeks ago, we discussed the topic of Lockdown 5.0 and how some of the implications were such a disaster for the country. India is racing up the list on the global scale for the most number of coronavirus cases and the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is thinking of another curfew, the 6th one, for the country.

Read More to learn about what Narendra Modi might say in his address and a little history on Mann Ki Baat, the radio show that the Prime Minister will be speaking in tomorrow.

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What Happened To A Youngster Who Swallowed A Live Fish?

Many people on social media tend to get quite greedy when it comes to getting a few likes on a post or some followers on their page. Specifically zoning into Tik-Tok, there are many challenges floating out there that people attempt where some of these videos have been removed from the app. Today, I want to share a dangerous Tik-Tok idea that was attempted in Tamil Nadu which eventually resulted in his death.

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5 Year Old Shocks The Police By Driving An Expensive Car

For all those car lovers out there, you would all want to buy some kind of an expensive car like a Lamborghini. However, the age requirement to drive a car without supervision in the United States is actually 18. A few days ago, a kid in the state of Utah who is way below the driving age did something spectacular that shocked the police.

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Did Avengers: Endgame Predict the Outbreak of the Coronavirus?

Let’s do some time traveling! About a year ago, April 26, 2019 was a day that millions of people around the world were looking forward to. This was the day when the New Box Office King started to rise. The 22nd Marvel movie of the infinity sage, Avengers: Endgame, was released with high expectations all around the world. Now that the entire world has dissolved their thoughts into the coronavirus, let’s take a step back to enjoy the ONE-Year Anniversary of one of the best marvel movies.

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Coronavirus: New Road Violations Provokes Fear In Chennai

Anna Road has been sealed since yesterday as the coronavirus has seriously attacked not only Tamil Nadu, but all over India. Tamil Nadu Police have warned that violent action will be taken if vehicles go beyond that barrier. The curfew has been issued until the 3rd of next month, in response to the coronation. The public are only allowed to purchase their essential items from 6 am to 1 pm. The police have confiscated many vehicles including cars and bikes for various reasons. So far, 268,537 complaints have been registered and were received over the curfew across Tamil Nadu. Of those complaints, 285,150 have been arrested and 2,88,770 vehicles were seized.

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Coronavirus: Tamil Policemen Panic As People Travel In the Streets

The families of policemen involved in the security work have demanded that the people around them still unfortunately continue to roam around the streets and highways despite the regulations of the curfew. As a preventive measure, the Tamil Nadu government has issued a curfew on March 24 from 6 pm. Subsequently, 1.20 lakh policemen are engaged in security work across Tamil Nadu in order to make sure that the coronavirus is controlled before it gets too late. 

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