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How I Got My Scar??? (Nothing To Do With Disney)

Hello People!

I was writing a reflection piece for English on a memory that I could recollect and thought of sharing that piece with you all.

Some of the bloggers know that I have a scar, but I want to make it official here along with a complete story of how I got it 📈

There is a life lesson I learned from this story, so make sure to read until the end so that you know what it is!!!

Recent Achievements

Ever since my last post, 1 Year Anniversary On WordPress (+Blog Analytics), there are some key achievements that I would like to spotlight here!

Thank You All for 300 followers on WordPress, 300 followers on Instagram, AND my first post that hit a 100 LIKES 😝

100 Likes Post 👉 Joys Tag (15 of My Small Joys)

The Context of This Situation

This incident occurred 10 years ago, which was the year I was studying 2nd grade in India.

Unlike the United States, the student to faculty ratio in India is like 50:1 which forces teachers to switch classes during passing period instead of students running around in the US.

Since I studied in a private school, you were forced to take classes that you don’t like most of the time, and swimming was one of them. Unlike today, I didn’t know how to swim back then and I was a little (maybe more?) afraid of the water when I was young.

3 Things You Need To Know

If you don’t have much knowledge about Indian culture, let me point out 3 things that you need to know in order to comprehend this situation.

  1. In Indian schools, you always keep your lunch bag (everyone has one!) at the back of your classroom or by the side of the classroom.

Teachers in India are given greater respect compared to western cultures where you are not allowed to eat or even drink water during class.

Here at the US, I like to eat my snacks or fruits during lectures, but I never dared to do so when I was in India 😬

  1. According to Hindu scriptures (I am not a Hindu btw, so correct me if I am wrong), food in India is equivalent to God and lot of people are very serious about not wasting food.
  1. Finally, our classroom had these heavy metal door handles that you usually see in India 👇
Image result for indian door handle
Photo Courtesy of Dreamstime

What’s the Incident?

Now that you know these 3 things, let me begin!

Just like any 2nd grader, we used to sprint back to our classes from the swimming pool so that we could race each other.

When I was one of the first students to enter the classroom, I had to go through the pile of lunch bags on the side of the classroom so that I could reach my seat.

I have to sit at my seat before my classmates in order to ensure that I won the race from the swimming pool. Obviously, I rushed through and accidentally stepped on one of the lunch bags.

Good News—the food from the lunch box didn’t spill over. Bad News—the owner of that lunch bag, my classmate, was literally right behind me.

Like I said before, people in India value food as close to God and this made him super angry. As an introverted person at that time, I got so nervous and was trying to explain that this was just an accident.

I took a few steps back and didn’t realize that the classroom door was right behind me. His anger hit a peak and he was about to hit me. Scared as I was, I ducked down before he could make his hit.

Unfortunately, when I ducked so quickly, I hit my head really hard (super close to my right eye) on the heavy metal door handle that I mentioned earlier. I felt the pain for a few seconds but soon shrugged it off.

The student who was about to hit me looked at my face and ran away. Although I was confused, I was just so happy that I didn’t get beaten up.

Soon, my best friend comes to class and she gets shocked when she sees my face.

The right side of my face was completely covered with BLOOD 🩸

At that moment, my face was just numb and when I slowly touched my face, my right hand was just dripping. I freaked out for a moment and understood why that guy ran off after seeing my face.

I went to the restroom like 4 times back and forth and cleaned my face until the bleeding somewhat stopped. During those days, there wasn’t a clinic at our school and I didn’t get any sort of treatment except for weird ointment which didn’t do much.

To make things even worse, I couldn’t tell my parents right away since those were the days of Nokia and Blueberry (those were the good days though!).

It took me an hour to get home like usual since I go on the school bus and I just had to hold the bleeding the entire time. I soon told my parents the entire situation and we went to a nearby hospital later that evening where I got stitched up.

The stitches covered my eyes and couldn’t open my right eye for 1-2 days. After about a week or so, I realized that I was forever cursed with a small scar 2 inches above my right eye.

What’s My Lesson?

What I wish to convey to you all is the importance of miscommunication.

A huge portion of the arguments and fights you see between people in movies or real-life can be given credit to this issue!

Although it was an accident, I would like to admit that I could have been a little bit more careful when I passed by those lunch bags.

That being said, the other guy’s anger clouded his judgement and none of my explanation went through his ears.

At the end of the day, I paid the price for the pain and hospital fees for the mistake done by someone else!

Therefore, I would like to close this extremely long post with saying that make sure to stay open-minded and don’t let things like anger & miscommunication hurt you and those around you.

Peace Out!!!

Universal Question: Do you have some sort of a pain, physical or spiritual, that you just can’t seem to get out of?

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17 Replies to “How I Got My Scar??? (Nothing To Do With Disney)”

  1. Sorry to hear that. Indians do really value their food a lot and even compare it equally to God. You didn’t do it intentionally so what that boy did was completely wrong.
    Conveyed beautiful message in the end!!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Yikes, glad you recovered and it wasn’t a nasty life changing scar 🥺 I’ve also got a scar above my right eyebrow from cartwheeling over my bike 😳 moral of story… don’t go cycling if you have a history of blacking out 🥴

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I have taken a break and planning on moving on. I believe that news in recent times have gotten quite negative and feel that it sometimes mentally affects me. Plus, I just graduated high school and will be going to college in September. So, I wish to make my environment as positive as it can be so I have quit reading the news and such. That was the key reason for putting the blog away for so long. Thank You so much for ur concern 🥲

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Read selected and worthy news, stay away from stuff. Try to write at least one post a week. Being consistent is the key to grow a strong blog.

        College should be your priority. Be wise. Follow interest, make it your passion. Having a purpose and passion is important. It builds you productive.

        Layak bno, chije khud tumhare paas chalkar aayegi. Good luck brother. 💪

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Actually, I am thinking of starting a new blog. Don’t worry, I am not quitting blogging anytime soon but just want to get away from the news-related blog. When I do launch it, I will make sure to tell u about it 😇

        Liked by 1 person

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