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What Are The Chances of CSK Winning IPL 2020?

It feels amazing to be back. I apologize for not posting. High school just started a few weeks back and it took me a while to get things settled for the virtual school year.

There were many topics that I wished to discuss in these past few weeks like Independence Day, Dhoni’s Retirement, and my experience of virtual learning. Unfortunately, time flies by and another alarming issue came up that I would like to discuss today.

The FATE of CSK!

Read More to learn about the critical situation that Chennai Super Kings is in at the moment and my predictions of their journey in IPL 2020!

What Happened To CSK?

We all know that England played a few test & T20 series with West Indies and later with Pakistan. Also, CPL is also happening successfully with no major spikes in coronavirus cases amongst the players.

However, IPL 2020 has been a very debated topic as it was postponed from March to September. CSK was busy at pre-season camps in order to get ready for this year’s edition. Before the tournament could even start, CSK might have had a carrier with led to a major outbreak within the team. Until now, 12 staff members along with Deepak Chahar and Ruturaj Gaikwad has tested positive for the coronavirus.

CSK seems to be the only IPL team to have this huge outbreak where they have stopped their camps and went back on quarantine until September 1st. Now that IPL is just around the corner, BCCI is thinking that CSK might just not be in the right mindset to participate in the opening match against former champions—Mumbai Indians.

What’s The Other Major Controversy?

Speaking of corona phobia, it seems that CSK’s senior player, Suresh Raina, has been influenced by this recent outbreak. A few days back, Suresh Raina went back to India for “personal reasons.” There are two sides to this story at the moment and I would like to highlight both of them.

1st Assumption:

The first story that came out was the mid-night robbery that occurred in the Pathankot district of Punjab. A gang named the “Kale Kachhewala” came to the uncle’s house of Suresh Raina with the intention of looting.

Although investigations are in place with any motive or connection that the gang might have had with Suresh Raina, it is said that the gang left with a huge sum of cash and gold. Unfortunately, this loot costed the life of Raina’s uncle along with other family members who were severely injured.

“Kumar’s 80-year-old mother Satya Devi, his wife Asha Devi, sons Apin and Kuashal suffered injuries.” – Police

Stated On The Indian Express

2nd Assumption:

Although people thought that this was the key reason behind Mr. IPL leaving to India, CSK owner N Srinivasan revealed a shady argument that happened in UAE. Reports are coming out that Raina had issues with the room he was given in UAE.

The harsh biosecurity protocols and not having a proper balcony frightened Suresh Raina. He asked the CSK management for a hotel room with a balcony that was very similar to MS Dhoni’s. The level of pressure increased as 14 members from the franchise tested positive.

When Raina heard the sad news of his uncle along with not being able to get the room he desired, he had no other choice than to return back to India. Even Dhoni’s pep talk didn’t convince the senior player to stay. On the other hand, CSK Owner N Srinivasan slammed Raina down by saying how CSK could function without Suresh Raina.

“My thinking is that if you are reluctant or not happy, go back. I don’t force anyone to do anything … sometimes success gets into your head.” – CSK Owner N Srinivasan

Stated On

“The season has not begun yet and Raina will certainly realise what he is missing and certainly all the money (a salary of 11 crores per season) he is going to lose” CSK Owner N Srinivasan

Stated On

What Are Some Replacements?

Being a CSK fan myself, this entire drama of the squad falling into the coronavirus hole worries me. I personally feel that the pre-season camp in Chennai was totally useless and played against the team. Even BCCI expressed their frustrations of risking their lives for a 3-day camp. I am just scared that CSK has already lost 2 of its key players due to the pandemic. I wonder what the future awaits…..

Deepak Chahar:

Looking into each player, Deepak Chahar, the opening bowler and wicket-taker for CSK, is one of the 2 players to have tested positive. Since CSK had an immense bowling attack in 2019, our bowling might get weakened due to his loss. However, CSK’s new recruit, Sam Curran has a good record in previous IPL years and there is a good chance that he could take over his position as he has a good bowling and a decent batting record.

If CSK has plans for filling that spot with an Indian player, I might say that young bowlers like KM Asif could be given a chance to shine. Asif got a chance back in 2018 when Deepak Chahar was injured where he was able to take 3 wickets in 2 matches with a economy of 12.50. Now that Chahar might be ruled out for a while, Asif might have a clear opening in IPL 2020.

Also, before joining CSK, Asif ran out of opportunities in India where he traveled to UAE for a training camp in 2017. After proving his worth, selectors put him in the hat for IPL Auction of 2018 where CSK bought him for ₹40 Lakhs. Therefore, he has great experience with the UAE pitch and might shine for the CSK.

Suresh Raina:

However, looking into Suresh Raina, he has the reputation of not missing any IPL matches since the very 1st edition (except for 1 due to a calf injury). Since he has played for CSK for 12 years, this might be the 1st time that CSK will be looking for a replacement for No. 3 position.

I personally feel that Faf du Plessis hasn’t been able to play many matches in the last few seasons (2016-2018) as Shane Watson took over. Although he would be an amazing replacement for No. 3, CSK would run short on foreign players as they need to have others like Imran Tahir, Shane Watson, and Dwayne Bravo. Therefore, having Sam Curran and Plessis together would be really tough as they would exceed the maximum limit.

What is Dhoni Thinking?

Although there is so much confusion within the CSK squad, I am quite happy to hear from N Srinivasan that Dhoni is calm about this situation. Sources say that Dhoni joined everyone on a Zoom video call where he took some time to calm the entire team from the corona phobia and set their goals for IPL.

“I spoke to MS (Dhoni) and he has assured me that even if the numbers go up, there was nothing to worry. He spoke to the players through a zoom call and asked them to remain safe. You really don’t know who is a passive carrier.” CSK Owner N Srinivasan

Stated On

We all know that CSK has faced lots of controversies like this before. In 2018, CSK had to play most of their matches away-from-home due to security concerns. In 2019, many CSK players faced injuries along with many of them not being in-form that season. MS Dhoni has seen a lot over the years with IPL and they also have a great track record at UAE.

Hoping that the virus doesn’t spread to anymore players, I do feel that CSK could have a very strong season with the players in hand.


If you have any questions/thoughts about this virus attack within the CSK squad or if you just had something to say, feel free to comment them down in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Peace Out!!!

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12 Replies to “What Are The Chances of CSK Winning IPL 2020?”

  1. Good analysis.
    As for me, of late, IPL has lost its charm. Though I support CSK, (reasons being my native and Dhoni, undoubtedly) I don’t follow matches, as I used to before. I feel it has been so commercialized.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was a huge fan of DLF IPL. Although I was like 10 years old at the time, I really enjoyed watching 2010 and 2011 IPL since CSK won. Also, 2011 due to the World Cup win. I felt like IPL lost its charm when CSK got banned during 2016 and 2017 IPL. But, I regained my interest when they came back with the title in 2018.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!

      Liked by 2 people

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