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Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About India’s New Curfew Rules?

If you didn’t read yesterday’s blog on “Coronavirus: What Will Happen To The Lockdown In India?,” I wrote yesterday about the uncertainty from the Indian Government about extending the curfew that was supposed to end on May 3rd. We looked at the impact that the coronavirus has had on Red Zone districts and Green Zone districts in India and how loosening the curfew could drastically change the color of these zones. Right after my post yesterday, the Indian Government made their public announcement about the extension of the curfew and how each colored zone have their own set of rules to follow

The Indian Government has announced today that the Janata curfew will be extended for another 2 weeks after the May 3rd deadline. The Interior Ministry has decided to extend the curfew after thoroughly analyzing the situation of the economy and the number of new confirmed coronavirus cases appearing everyday in the country.

Not only has the coronavirus caused so much death and infection around the world, but has also plagued most of the countries with keeping its people inside. Although 1.3 billion people in India have been under the curfew, the coronavirus numbers is still not yet regulated. The Home Ministry has ordered the curfew to be extended to May 18th due to the nationwide coronation. 

“The zones are divided into red, green and orange and the protocols are implemented accordingly.”

The Union Home Ministry

Notices Issued In Red Zones

  • The curfew in the Red Zone areas have not been loosened during this two-week curfew extension. However, other areas are quite likely to get relaxed during this time.
  • It is reported that this curfew will continue in the absence of relaxation in major cities of Chennai, Delhi and Mumbai.
  • Schools, colleges and educational institutions will not be open until May 18.
  • Hotels, theaters, physical training facilities are also not allowed to be open during this extension.
  • Programs including religious observances and political gatherings are also banned.
  • Operation of buses, saloons and beauty salons will continue. However, bicycle rickshaws, auto and car restrictions will continue.
  • No concerts are allowed for the people.
  • Private offices in the red zones should only operate with 33% employees. The ladder staff should act as if they were at home.
  • Only one of the 2 wheelers can travel in red zones.
  • Permission to operate mills in red zones will follow certain restrictions on urban areas.
  • People may not come out from 7 am to 7 pm without essential necessities.
  • The elderly, children and pregnant women must not leave the house.
  • There are no restrictions on freight traffic.

Notices Issued In Orange Zones

  • Rental cars in Orange County are only allowed to operate with one passenger.
  • People can drive in vehicles with permission between districts.
  • No Road, Rail and Air Transport Services for more than 2 weeks.

Notices Issued In Green Zones

  • Buses will run only with 50% of passengers. People can travel in vehicles only with permission between districts.
  • 3 people with 4 wheelers and 2 people with two wheelers are allowed in Green Zones.
  • Permission to continue the 100-day employment program throughout the country.
  • Only 50% of the bus depots should operate the buses.
  • E-commerce for non-essential items in the green and orange zones.
  • Can open bars and betta shops in green areas without coronavirus damage.

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