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Guinness Record For Most Number of Dogs In A Conga Dance

We have seen many Guinness World Records that dropped our jaw. In this blog, I want to share a Guinness World Record about DOGS that happened a few months ago. Read More about the record and a short video of the record.

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Coronavirus: What Happened When The Vaccine Was Tested On Monkeys?

A few weeks ago, we covered a blog on Coronavirus: Special Training For Dogs To Detect Coronavirus In Humans where dogs are being trained to smell the coronavirus. Today, we will look into more about the results of a new vaccine which was tested on monkeys and how the hopes to end the coronavirus has changed after these results. Read more to learn more about the vaccine that was tested on these monkeys and how this vaccine could affect human testing in the future.

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Coronavirus: Special Training For Dogs To Detect Coronavirus In Humans

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been adding more and more coronavirus symptoms to the list and there are many cases where people have the virus without showing any symptoms. This is making testing very hard as people are carrying the virus unknowingly which spreads it even further. Along with checking temperature, sanitizing yourselves, and home isolation, continue reading on how a special training program has been launched in order to detect the coronavirus by the use of dogs.

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