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How Chennai Will Be In Danger As Curfew is Lifted?

The coronavirus is spreading all over the world where India went up to the 3rd spot on the list of most number of coronavirus cases. Breaking down the cases inside India, the southern state of Tamil Nadu holds the 2nd most number of cases in the country.

Although these statistics look very frightening for those in Tamil Nadu, some districts in the state have been relaxed from the curfew where everything has come back to normal.

Read More to learn about the relaxations in Tamil Nadu and how this can have a negative impact on the people.

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Saturday Six Word Story Prompt: My Approach

I came to know about the weekly Six Word Story Prompt just a few hours ago. The guidelines looked very interesting where I realized that they released a new prompt just a few hours ago.

Continue Reading so that you could know what the prompt is for this week and my approach to this prompt.

This is my first time doing this type of challenge and here we go.

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Why Electric Bikes Will Be More Dangerous At This Time?

In recent years, the concept of public bike sharing has become more common in urban areas of developed countries. Now that the coronavirus has brought the practice of social distancing, the city of Chennai (capital city of Tamil Nadu) brought up a bike sharing program in order to fight this health crisis. Read more to learn about this program that the capital city will be implementing and some of the flaws that this might prevail in the near future.

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IIT Madras Found At The Top of 2020 National Rankings

Although schools and colleges in India has been closed, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister gave some great news for 10th graders where the state cancelled their exams due to this health crisis. Just a few hours ago, national rankings of colleges all over India has been released where some of them have also been spotted on the global rankings list. Read more to learn about the rankings of Tamil Nadu colleges in the national list.

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How Is India’s Lockdown 5.0 Proven To Be A Political Mistake?

A few days ago, India announced their Lockdown 5.0 and how these rules will be different from the other four lockdowns. The upcoming lockdown will have more relaxations coming up for people in green or orange zones and that many sectors will slowly start opening up in the months ahead. Read more to learn about the pushback that this decision has brought upon the Indian Government as they are relaxing lockdown rules at a time when the country’s new cases and deaths are skyrocketing.

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Tamil People Struggle As Temperatures Skyrocket To 108 degrees

Although we technically stopped everything that occurs around the world, the change of seasons is something that’s part of nature which can’t be stopped by humans. In India, summer began around the time of March. Unfortunately, this was the same time when the lockdown was placed as a safety measure from the coronavirus. This prevented the Indian people from enjoying the summer time outside with icecream and friends. Peak summer has reached India where the temperature is now soaring above a 100 degrees. Read more to learn about struggles faced by the people in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

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Coronavirus: What Happens When Chennai Extend Their Old Curfew?

As the number of coronavirus cases increases in Chennai, reports state that the lockdown will likely be extended to June 30th. Since the Tamil people were very eager to come out after May 3rd, which was the previous date for the lockdown, this news has caused great fear among the public. Until today, 1821 people have been affected by coronation in Tamil Nadu and a total of 23 people have died in the state.

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Coronavirus: 178 Tamil People Recovered in a Single Day!

The state of Tamil Nadu now has a total of 1,520 coronavirus cases where there has been 76 new cases that has been confirmed. On the other hand, the hard work of Tamil Nadu has been starting to pay off where 178 people were healed in a single day. As a result, the total number of people that have been healed has risen to 635. When looking at the entire India, the number of confirmed cases has almost reached 20,000 with an exact number of 19,984. Also, India has had 3870 people who have recovered from the virus along with a count of 640 deaths.

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Coronavirus: TN People Worry About Special Travel Facilities

People in Chennai are having trouble getting a pass to go out. Out of the 5000 or more people that applied for a pass to go out, it has been reported that only 34 of them have been accepted. While the coronavirus threatens the world’s people, many people have died of coronavirus in India. So far, 86 people have died across India. 2,767 people were affected. 411 Tamil Nadu victims have been affected.

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Coronavirus: TN Police Makes Enormous Arrests for Violating Curfew

Tamil Nadu Police have filed a case against 15,610 people in violation of curfew in Tamil Nadu along with the fact that they have arrested 17,668 people. The effects of the coronavirus in India has killed many civilians so far where 26 people have died across the country and 979 people have been tested positive for the virus. Specifically in the state of Tamil Nadu, 41 victims have been affected.

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