Coronavirus: What Happens When Chennai Extend Their Old Curfew?

As the number of coronavirus cases increases in Chennai, reports state that the lockdown will likely be extended to June 30th. Since the Tamil people were very eager to come out after May 3rd, which was the previous date for the lockdown, this news has caused great fear among the public. Until today, 1821 people have been affected by coronation in Tamil Nadu and a total of 23 people have died in the state.

Just in Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, a maximum of 495 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus where 9 people have died. As a result of this, the epidemic has branched out from the capital and has continued to spread in all 30 districts of the state. Currently, coronavirus infections are increasing in urban areas at a much faster rate compared to rural areas. In particular, 43 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Chennai overnight.

The Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Edappadi Palanisamy, has consulted with medical professionals on the type of measures that has to be taken by the state in order to control the spread of the coronavirus. From this consultation, the chief minister has also decided to impose severe restrictions on the five largest municipalities in Tamil Nadu including Chennai, Coimbatore, Madurai, Tiruchirappalli, and Tiruppur. Out of these five, a FULL curfew has been issued in the three largest municipalities of Chennai, Coimbatore, and Madurai from today. Moreover, curfews have been issued in some parts of Tenkasi, Thiruvallur, Kanchipuram, and Chengalpattu districts.

Now that many major cities in India like Mumbai and Pune have given great thought of extending the lockdown to June 30th, it is reported that the Tamil Nadu Government has also decided to extend the curfew in Chennai if the situation doesn’t get any better. By looking into the impact that the coronavirus has had on Chennai, only 4% of Tamil Nadu’s coronavirus cases are actually in Chennai. Therefore, it is said that if the government wants to control the possible impact of the virus in Chennai, there is no option but to extend the curfew. 

Finally, if the coronavirus continues to increase in great numbers as it has been in the past few weeks, then the government has no other choice other than extending the curfew until June 30th. It has been printed on behalf of the Greater Chennai Corporation that essential stores like groceries follow curfew orders until the 30th of next month. The announcement of extending the curfew has raised fears among the Tamil people and traders as the common people struggle to carry on with their everyday lives since they barely have any money or food to live by.

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