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Coronavirus: How Has Ice Cream Sales Affected This Summer?

Now that the coronavirus pandemic has been going on for a couple of months, the seasons have begun to change where many countries in the world are well into summer. Summer, a season where many kids would cry to their mother for a cone of ice cream has changed to point where everyone has been forced to stay indoors. However, the pandemic has kept people from eating cold beverages due to the fear of fever and colds. Let’s see how this health crisis has affected the frozen industries—especially the ice cream industry.

Keeping people inside during this great weather has affected many different businesses and industries where the ice cream industry has been a major one. On usual terms, the ice cream business will usually make their profits from April to JuneAbout 40 to 45 percent of the total annual revenues of ice cream makers are possible during these months. However, the coronavirus curfews have halted the business of these companies.

Thus, the total revenue loss of the ice cream companies is estimated at $529,854,000 (aka Rs 4,000 crore). Ice cream companies at the moment have shared their grief of missing out on their sales during their peak season. Small ice-cream businesses have been struggling to pay their loans or bills as the curfew was announced exactly after the summer season began. Large corporations like Baskin BR Robbins have increased sanitation measures in their stores and have put many employees to rest in means of social distancing.

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To put it mildly, the financial crisis has also swirled. In the absence of earnings, the companies are finding it hard to pay their employees which makes it harder for them to pay their necessary bills and survive. Specifically in India, almost all of the production in these industries have paused at the moment which makes it harder for them to cover their fixed costs. Therefore, the Indian Ice Cream Manufacturers Association has appealed to the Central and State Governments to take appropriate action to remedy the situation where they have proposed a 50% discount on the electricity bill.

There has been a recent rumor that the newspapers have catched on. They have stated that ice cream are potentially spreading the novel coronavirus. Ice cream companies have responded boldly that ice cream or its packaging process doesn’t carry or spread the virus.

“Indian Ice cream Manufacturer’s Association (IICMA) requests people not to fall prey to wrong information and happily consume one’s favourite flavours of ice creams in this scorching summer like always. These frozen desserts will surely light up one’s mood and make one happy during these tough times.”

Stated by Cision PR Newswire

Since Indian summers range from March to July, the association has urged that the concession be granted for this specific time period. At the same time, companies that sell milk with ice cream are said to be less affected. Because milk is an essential ingredient, people still come and buy them every day. Although the coronavirus has stopped production and affected the ice cream industry as a whole, some companies have been making sales as they are selling out their remaining packaged ice cream in department stores.

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