Coronavirus: New Road Violations Provokes Fear In Chennai

Anna Road has been sealed since yesterday as the coronavirus has seriously attacked not only Tamil Nadu, but all over India. Tamil Nadu Police have warned that violent action will be taken if vehicles go beyond that barrier. The curfew has been issued until the 3rd of next month, in response to the coronation. The public are only allowed to purchase their essential items from 6 am to 1 pm. The police have confiscated many vehicles including cars and bikes for various reasons. So far, 268,537 complaints have been registered and were received over the curfew across Tamil Nadu. Of those complaints, 285,150 have been arrested and 2,88,770 vehicles were seized.

Moreover, the coroner’s impact has been declared a red zone in Madras and the health workers and police are engaged in intensive surveillance. Coronavirus has been on the rise for the past week and a half. People in the police force in particular have also been affected heavily. Yet the police continued to intensify their work. Following this, police commissioner AK Viswanathan ordered police to conduct vehicle inspections at more than 160 locations across the city. At the time, the public is taking serious action to prevent anyone going out except the government sanctioned personnel. State-sanctioned persons are allowed only if they are wearing a government-issued ID and mask.

Subsequently, Municipal Transport Commissioner Arun Arun ordered that Saidapet be blocked from the Chinnamalai to Pallavan house, which is about 15 kilometers from Anna Salai, without any traffic. Subsequently, all the connecting roads from the Chinnamalai to the Pallavan house have also been blocked. Specifically, the signal from Chennai Anna Bridge to Thiruvallikeni Walajah Road has been closed and sealed. This test of blocking specific roads lasted until night where hundreds of vehicles were seized as a result of violating this blockage. In addition, the police has also ordered the occupants of the road to go home where they also banned people to even walk on those roads.  

If the police violate the restraining order and travel to Anna Salai in vehicles, they will be booked under Section 188, Section 269, and Section 270. They have also warned that their vehicles will be confiscated and fined for violating these traffic rules. These new violations in these areas for the curfew was implemented yesterday. The police state the main road, Anna Road, has been closed to prevent coronavirus.  

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