11 Life Questions That People Don’t Have The Answer To

Given that 2020 has became an adventurous year, I want to write this blog post on something that isn’t super serious or just another current event. I want to ask you all some interesting questions that you might have not thought off before.

Read More to learn about these 11 questions and that there are some things in our lives that we can’t control.

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What Led To The Horrific Death of Jayaraj And Fennix?

A few weeks back, a policeman brutally killed a colored man named George Floyd where the United States went up in flames so that this man gets justice. Recently, another incident occurred in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu where the police misused their power by killing a father and a son in the police station.

Read more to learn about the series of events that led to this horrific death of these two innocent citizens and the action that was taken on the police for this act.


Coronavirus: What Makes Spraying Antiseptic On Streets Harmful?

As people began to stay inside when quarantine began, the streets and highways started to become more desolate. Since the coronavirus can spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it, this led countries to engage in serious street cleaning in order to kill the virus if it’s in public places. However, read more about why the World Health Organization stated that an antiseptic spray on the streets cannot kill the coronavirus

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Coronavirus: What you need to know about the Pandemic in Tamil Nadu

The coronavirus, which began just before the Chinese New Year in Wuhan, China, has spread worldwide. Although the virus has been controlled in China, it has unfortunately spread as a wildfire in countries like Italy, the United States and Spain. This new virus infections have spread so rapidly in the United States that the number of confirmed cases has exceeded Italy and any other country in the world.

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