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Coronavirus: TN People Worry About Special Travel Facilities

People in Chennai are having trouble getting a pass to go out. Out of the 5000 or more people that applied for a pass to go out, it has been reported that only 34 of them have been accepted. While the coronavirus threatens the world’s people, many people have died of coronavirus in India. So far, 86 people have died across India. 2,767 people were affected. 411 Tamil Nadu victims have been affected.

Subsequently, Prime Minister Modi announced that a Janet curfew would be issued across India for 21 days. Accordingly, trains, bus transport, government and private offices in Tamil Nadu will be closed till April 14 except for a few essentials: a small grocery store, a vegetable shop, a drugstore, a dairy shop, and a newspaper stand. Subsequently, for the benefit of the public, the curfew and other orders that was issued for a day will now be extended to April 14th, 2020. The Tamil Nadu Health Secretary made a statement regarding rise of coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu.

“A total of 1200 people, who participated in Delhi’s Tableeghi Jamaat event, have been traced in the state. All of them have been placed under quarantine” – Beela Rajesh, Tamil Nadu Health Secretary

“Coronavirus Updates: Maharashtra Tally Now 490; 67 New Cases, 6 Deaths in a Day.” The Economic Times, 4 Apr. 2020, 10:52am

Meanwhile, on behalf of the Government of Tamil Nadu, it is stated that those who are planning to travel for urgent needs from Chennai can apply. The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced a special dialing room for those who are traveling urgently where they have to call 75300 01100 or email for information on urgent needs including marriage, death and medicine. It was reported that a police force was led by the Deputy Commissioner of Police to oversee the control room and the people who are traveling for urgent needs would be able to contact this number. It is noteworthy that the control room can be contacted in Chennai or between districts and states.

Although the Tamil Nadu Government has been taking viral actions to keep travel restrictions in place, there has been many complaints about the quality of their contact information. There has been reports that the emergency phone number, 7530001100, is too busy to get permission for international travel. Also, people have been complaining that the control room have not been responding to the information sent through WhatsApp. Subsequently, there has been reports stating that the E-Mail notification by the Chennai Municipal Police is also not working.

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