How Is India’s Lockdown 5.0 Proven To Be A Political Mistake?

A few days ago, India announced their Lockdown 5.0 and how these rules will be different from the other four lockdowns. The upcoming lockdown will have more relaxations coming up for people in green or orange zones and that many sectors will slowly start opening up in the months ahead. Read more to learn about the pushback that this decision has brought upon the Indian Government as they are relaxing lockdown rules at a time when the country’s new cases and deaths are skyrocketing.

What WIll Lockdown 5.0 Bring Differently To India?

The country and its people are very tired as the lockdown has now completed four different versions. Although the rules have been slightly changing where people have been able to travel with E-pass, along with some vehicle relaxations in orange and green zones, the country has now been fed up with the entire situation of the coronavirus and trying to keep 1.3 billion people indoors.

Now that the country is watching developed countries (aka US, France, Spain, Japan) lifting their curfew and releasing their people to their normal life, this has made the Indian people to also beg for their freedom from their home isolation. In simpler terms, it’s just like a baby crying for a toy or a chocolate just because the baby’s sibling has one of them. However, they do not realize that these countries went into lockdown at a much earlier time compared to India.

What Harm Will This Decision Bring Upon India?

This particular ideology can cause greater harm to the country and its people in two ways: the number of new cases/deaths and putting the economy before the people.

The Graph For India's New Cases On Google News

Since India has been in lockdown at a much lesser time than other countries, the decision to open up the economy and the people could have greater effects in the months to come. The graph for India’s new cases and deaths already has a very steep slope where Chennai, the capital of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, has reported their their deaths has doubled in recent times. Since the lockdown wasn’t capable of controlling 1.3 billion people in the country at this point of time, there is no doubt that the number of cases will increase at a greater level if the lockdown gets lifted.

The Graph For India's Cases On Google News

On my second point, the reason behind lifting the curfew for other superpowers was behind the confidence that the country and its government has gotten the situation under control. This confidence was only achieved only after the number of new cases started to go down which eventually showed an overall graph with a negative slope. As I stated before, India is currently reaching its peak when it comes it controlling their number of cases. By opening the economy at this point of time, this clearly shows that the Indian Government is putting their needs in front of the needs of the people. Also, many people have commented against some of the relaxations that will be provided in the upcoming months where I will surely elaborate those rules in the near future.

So….What’s My Point?

Anyway, this post was not written to criticize anyone or group in particular. The point I want to get across is for everyone to stay safe, especially to those who live in India. Your life resides in your hands along with the actions that you take after the curfew gets lifted. As we can see that this ballgame is clearly a political one, let’s be aware that we need to stay on guard at all times and make sure to stay inside and practice social distancing as much as possible.

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