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Tamil People Struggle As Temperatures Skyrocket To 108 degrees

Although we technically stopped everything that occurs around the world, the change of seasons is something that’s part of nature which can’t be stopped by humans. In India, summer began around the time of March. Unfortunately, this was the same time when the lockdown was placed as a safety measure from the coronavirus. This prevented the Indian people from enjoying the summer time outside with icecream and friends. Peak summer has reached India where the temperature is now soaring above a 100 degrees. Read more to learn about struggles faced by the people in the southern state of Tamil Nadu.

People, especially wage workers, in Tamil Nadu have been struggling to live their normal lives as the coronavirus has been keeping them inside from working. This has given them a lack of income in order to support their family or even buy ration. Along with these struggles, these people are now enduring a brutal weather where the temperature has reached a peak of 108 degrees in some areas of Tamil Nadu.

The people were greatly disturbed by the blazing of a 108 degrees Fahrenheit outside. During the aftermath, people were greatly troubled by the 107.2 degrees Fahrenheit heat in Vellore along with a 107 degrees in Cuddalore, 107 degrees in Erode, 105 degrees in Parangipettai, 104 degrees in Naga, and a 102 degrees in Salem.

Temperatures exceeding 100 degrees isn’t very surprising in Tamil Nadu. As a matter of fact, even if temperatures go up really during the summer months, night time in these areas are very cool due to the sea breeze. However, these temperatures this year was very eye-awakening since the maximum temperatures usually swing between 95 degrees and 100.4 degrees on normal years. In the last two countries, the impact of the sun in Tamil Nadu has been a huge hazard as it has been exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit consistently.

On the one hand, the Indian people in West Bengal have been living on fear these past few days due to the Amphan Cyclone. Although the impact has been finished in Eastern India and Bangladesh, this cyclone brough huge amounts of rain to the state of Tamil Nadu. It rained for about half an hour today in the villages of Ramasamypatti and Melaramanadi near Kamudi. Similarly, the district and its surrounding areas also experienced moderate rainfall. Unfortunately, this rainfall also disconnected electricity in many rural and urban places who are now struggling to live amongst the huge amounts of rain and the sun.

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