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Coronavirus: 178 Tamil People Recovered in a Single Day!

The state of Tamil Nadu now has a total of 1,520 coronavirus cases where there has been 76 new cases that has been confirmed. On the other hand, the hard work of Tamil Nadu has been starting to pay off where 178 people were healed in a single day. As a result, the total number of people that have been healed has risen to 635. When looking at the entire India, the number of confirmed cases has almost reached 20,000 with an exact number of 19,984. Also, India has had 3870 people who have recovered from the virus along with a count of 640 deaths.

The Health Secretary Vijayabaskar held a meeting amongst the Health Department. Various aspects were consulted, including accelerating testing and ensuring the safety of doctors and nurses. The meeting also consisted of Chief Secretary Shanmugam, Health Secretary Bila Rajesh, DGP Tripathi and Chennai Police Commissioner AK Viswanathan. After the meeting, the Health Department issued a report on coronavirus along with all the statistics.

According to a statement issued by the Health Department of Tamil Nadu, 2 lakhs 10 thousand 538 persons (210,538 people) have been checked so far through Chennai, Trichy, Madurai and Coimbatore airports combined. 1 lakh 8 thousand 337 people (108,337 people) were isolated at home. Of those, 87 thousand 159 people (87,159 people) have completed a 28-day home surveillance. In addition, 1 lakh 9 thousand 972 people (109,972 people) have been instructed to stay home for these 28 days. About 145 people from overseas are severely affected, and they have also been treated in isolation at the hospital.

 So far, blood samples of 53 thousand and 45 people (53,045 people) have been sent for testing, of which 1596 have been confirmed by the corona until yesterday. The other 43,582 people have received their coronavirus results to be negative. About 5,877 blood samples of these people are still in the process of testing.

In the meantime, more than 76 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus yesterday:

  1. Chennai – 55 People
  2. Coimbatore – 1 People
  3. Chengalpattu – 3 People
  4. Namakkal – 1 People
  5. Tanjay – 3 People
  6. Villupuram – 4 People
  7. Tenkasi – 5 People
  8. Thiruvarur – 1 People
  9. Kanchipuram – 1 People
  10. Nilgiris – 2 People

In all, 51 people were healed in Rajiv Gandhi Hospital, 20 people in Omantur and 26 people in Stanley Hospital. In addition, a total of 178 people were healed throughout Tamil Nadu just in a 24 hour time period. Accordingly, 635 total number of people have been healed and returned home in Tamil Nadu. Sadly, 19 people have died. Therefore, the public are still required to be covered with handkerchiefs or a towel when sneezing or coughing where the government advises them to always keep it in hand so that they protect themselves and also prevent from spreading it to others.

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