Coronavirus: What You Need to Know About the Struggle of Tamil Wagers

The Section 144 ban has resulted in a dehydrated mountain-dwelling people living in Kuttikkaratu near Palani. Accordingly, the people who were initially living in the Periyar Mountains are currently given free houses by the state in areas of Mantidu, Pontupuli, Puliyampatti, Kattalambara and Kuttikkadu. There are about 70 families living in Pattari Rock and Kuttikkadu on the Pani-Kodaikanal road.

Currently, the Central Government has issued Section 144 for 21 days due to the spread of the coronavirus. As a result, various parties have been forced to work. However, the mountain people who live on a daily wage are struggling for food since they do not have any outside communication. Tiruppur district forest department handed over the food items to the residents of Mindittu and Pondupuli area of ​​Dindigul district yesterday. But in the abandoned by the Dindigul district forest department, the putiyar people living in the Kuttikkadu area are starving for food.

“In the ordinary days, no one will find us. They brought us over 20 years ago and stayed in this craft. Inadequate basic facilities have been provided to date. No one is calling us for hire as there are currently 144 ban orders. This causes severe scarcity of food. There are children in every home. Even adults, we deal with hunger. The children were unable to cope with the hunger pangs. The vision of the district administration should be upon us. Similarly, the lives of the people living in Kattalambara are hungry.”

Anandan of Puliyar — A Resident of Kuttikkadu

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