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Coronavirus: India Makes Special Trains For People To Travel

On yesterday’s blog (Coronavirus: What Tamil People Have to Follow If They Want To Travel?), we spoke about how the Indian government is letting workers go back to their home state or district by issuing them a travel pass. However, we discussed in detail about how those people have to go through home isolation for 14 days in order for them to travel. Today, we will talk about the mode of transportation that these people are using in order to go back to their homes.

USNI News stated six days ago that the USNS Comfort Hospital Ship that left from New York after treating 182 patients with high-quality care. Those patients have now been moved to a local hospital for any follow-up treatment needed hereafter. Similarly, ever since the number of coronavirus cases started to rise, India began to work on shifting their trains into special coronavirus wards in order to isolate coronavirus patients and create more space to treat them.

Few students who are going back home on a train

For the past few days, the Union Home Ministry has cleared special trains to let migrant workers, students, laborours, and tourists hop on a train so that they could go back home. As the Indian Government stated 2 days ago, the nationwide curfew was extended for another 2 weeks to curb the spread of coronavirus. Public transport around the country has either been disabled or highly restricted due to the curfew. As a result, the migrant workers were unable to travel these long-distances and return home. Just like how we spoke about how tamil people in Malaysia were struggling to come home, Indian people who have traveled abroad have mostly been unable to return home.

In some areas like Maharashtra, migrant workers are struggling to go back home. The Congress party has continued to insist on providing the necessary facilities to the migrant workers and students who are stuck elsewhere during this curfew. Meanwhile, the Union Home Ministry has granted permission for the homesteaders, students and tourists to go home. In this case, the Ministry of Home Affairs has authorized the operation of special trains for the return of foreign workers, students and tourists to their hometowns.

Special train ferries migrant workers from Telangana to Jharkhand by IndianExpressOnline

In this decree issued by the Home Ministry, proper inspections should be carried out for the displaced people before they decide to take their special trains in order to go back to their home state or district. As we mentioned yesterday, these people will go on a home isolation for 14 days and have to be tested negative for the coronavirus before they make their move. Also, the district administration will monitor their health during these 14 days in order to make sure that they are healthy and isolated at all times.

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