Coronavirus: Military Honors Indian Hospitals As “Corona Warriors”

After a long one and a half month of quarantine life, the statistics for the number of confirmed coronavirus cases in India, total up to a number of 46,433. As for the death count, 1,568 people have died in India. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, the numbers of confirmed cases has reached a count of 3,023 confirmed cases where 30 people have died.

On May 3rd, which was the previous deadline for the lockdown, doctors and corporations in the Corona Prevention Center honored hospitals, and the cleanup staff who were responsible for making sure that the roads, trains, hospitals and other public places were clean from the coronavirus. Navy Chief of Staff, Karambir Singh, stated that the Navy ships will march in the sea as a tribute to those who put their lives on the line in order to keep the country safe. The current Chief of Defence Staff of India and a 4 star general, Bipin Rawat, and the the current Chief of Defence Staff of India who is also a 4 star general, Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria, will jointly meet the reporters and speak regarding the coronavirus first supporters. In a previous meeting that Bipin Rawat had with the reporters, the Economic Times stated in an article:

“The nation stood together and showed resilience in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. On behalf of armed forces, we want to thank all the corona warriors — doctors, nurses, sanitation workers, police, home guards, delivery boys and media.”

Bipin Rawat Stated Last Friday

Doctors, nurses, cleaners, police force, media personnel, and the government’s message has been guiding the 1.3 billion in India to safely protect themselves during these difficult times. To honor the coroners, Air Force planes flew from Kashmir to Kumari on May 3rd and threw flowers on hospitals to honor them. The ships in the ocean will be marched on behalf of the Navy. The marching band will also perform a parade on behalf of the Indian Army.

The coronavirus specialty hospitals in the districts will perform some music on behalf of the military. A floral tribute will be paid to the security forces at the Police Memorial. In the red zones affected by the coronavirus, the police have been working on strengthening their forces in those areas in order to perform a better job on containing the virus where they have been given permission to take any action in order to sure that the coronavirus doesn’t spread any further.

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