Coronavirus: What Tamil People Have to Follow If They Want To Travel?

As the coronavirus spreads at a faster rate as the quarantine life goes on, the Indian Government realized that the Janet Curfew hasn’t been able to keep the number of new coronavirus cases to a low number. Therefore, the government extended the curfew by 2-weeks after the May 3rd deadline. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog, they have also proposed different rules for every district depending upon the impact of the coronavirus in those areas.

On “Coronavirus: Tamils in Malaysia Fight for Survival On Return,” we discussed about how Tamil people in the country of Malaysia were struggling to return back to their homes in India where some of them were stranded in the airports for days. In this blog, we will speak about the struggles that the tamil people in the other states of India have been facing and the rules that they have to follow if they want to come back to their home state of Tamil Nadu.

Since the country has been curfewed as a precautionary measure against the spread of the coronavirus, outstation workers in various states are now starving for food. The central government and state governments have been instructed to send these people to their hometowns. The Central Government has advised the State Governments that their respective governments should restore these stranded workers in different states and make sure to bring them back to their home. 

In the state of Tamil Nadu, the Chief Secretary of the Tamil Nadu Government, K. Shanmugam, has written a letter to all the district rulers. In this letter, he stated that if any tamil people that happened to come to one of those districts, those people are required to be isolated for two weeks (aka 14 days) so that the government could confirm that they don’t have the coronavirus. If those tamil people still tested negative after the 14 day isolation, then those people are allowed to move into their hometown.

The district administration will make sure to monitor these people who are in this isolation for 14 days. In a different scenario, if people were moving between districts within the state of Tamil Nadu instead of coming in from a different state, the Tamil Nadu Chief Secretary still requires them to go through the 14 day isolation before they move out.

The government will be closely monitoring these people where they have to carry a sticker on them at all times during this home isolation. The government will warn these people that strict action will be taken against those who abuse these home isolation rules and might cancel their special travel pass issued by the government. Once they have successfully completed their home isolation, they will be tested one last time before they are allowed to travel to their hometown with permission from the Tamil Nadu government.

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