What Happens To Transportation After The Pandemic?

Now that we are all staying inside, the use of public transportation has been constricted in order to contain the coronavirus. Now that public transportation is not possible, they are now finding different ways in order to get around local places. By going through these hard times, many people have reevaluated their traveling methods and their opinion on public transportation. Read more to learn about the impact that this health pandemic has had on public transportation.

What’s The Purpose of The Study?

Studies show that the fear or the panic of the coronavirus will not slow down even after the lockdown is over. The use of public transport, including as trains and buses, would be greatly reduced for the next six months. Centre for Science and Environment, a not-for-profit public interest research organisation in New Delhi, are researching people’s opinion on public transportation after the coronavirus curfew gets lifted. They received comments from about 400 middle and high income groups in the Delhi and NCR neighborhoods.

The main purpose of the study was to find the most significant changes in people’s attitudes towards public transportation. The study found that the use of public transport would decrease dramatically for about 6 months after the curfew. As I stated before, the key reason behind this decrease is due to the panic of the coronavirus.

What Did The Study Reveal?

Therefore, people have come to the conclusion of avoiding unnecessary long trips for the next few years which will also have a huge impact on tourism. Instead, people are leaning towards making short trips on a bike or a rental car instead of going on a bus and metro trains. According to this study, the number of passengers on the Metro train will fall from about 37% to 16% over the next six months.

Of the 37% who don’t currently own a vehicle, 28% said they would consider buying a new vehicle after the virus subsides. And, 22% say they only drive in their own vehicle in order to maintain social distancing so that they could reduce their chances of obtaining the virus. The study concludes by stating that people will prefer healthier travel than luxury travel in the future where 73% of the people who participated in the survey would be ready to travel if they had access to high quality public transport.

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