Coronavirus: Backlash of the Agriculture Ban makes Farmers Happy

Coronavirus has threatened the world’s people where 53 people have died of coronavirus in India and 2,543 people were affected. The number of confirmed cases in the state of Tamil Nadu has soared to 309, the second highest in the country. Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy has announced a curfew (Section 144) to prevent the spread of coronavirus in Tamil Nadu.

Subsequently, Prime Minister Modi announced that a Janet curfew would be issued across India for 21 days. Accordingly, trains, bus transport, government and private offices in Tamil Nadu will be closed till April 14 except for a few essentials: a small grocery store, a vegetable shop, a drugstore, a dairy shop, and a newspaper stand. Subsequently, for the benefit of the public, the curfew and other orders that was issued for a day will now be extended to April 14th, 2020.

The Tamil Nadu government has now given permission for agricultural work and agricultural wages where they would be able to operate in agriculture and horticultural machinery. The farmers are very happy with the ban on procurement of agricultural commodities been lifted while the Janet curfew is in force.

The Government of Tamil Nadu has taken action on the complaint that the purchase of paddy has been affected. The Government of Tamil Nadu has been urging people to avoid crowding while Section 144 remain in force, except for the purchase of essential items. In this situation, if the people happen to go on the streets and tend to bring public gatherings, action will be taken.

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