Coronavirus: People Panic As Tamil Patient Escapes From Hospital

Coronavirus infection is intensifying day by day in Chennai. The state of Tamil Nadu now have a number of 3,550 confirmed coronavirus cases where 31 of them have died. Overall, India now have an additional 3,561 confirmed cases since their last update making the tally to a number of 56,342. During this crucial time of skyrocketing number of new cases, a sudden panic spread through the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital yesterday where an old man with the coronavirus suddenly disappeared

A 60-year-old coronavirus patient at Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital caused a stir when he left to have a tea break nearby the hospital. This 60-year-old man who lived near a school area has been treated as an inpatient in the Corona ward at Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Central, due to his coronary artery disease.

In the meantime, he suddenly disappeared from his room allotted to the Corona Ward yesterday morning. Shocked hospital staff told doctors about the urgency of this incident where the doctors lodged a complaint at the local police station near the Rajiv Gandhi State Hospital about the mysterious coronavirus patient who disappeared. Following this, the police searched several places around the hospital, including Waldox Road, Poonamallee Highway, Anna Road and her house in the school grounds. However, this man was nowhere to be found.

After the police and doctors searched the premises for a very long time, the ill-fated patient arrived at the hospital by himself shortly after. When hospital staff and police saw this man, they asked him about his whereabouts this whole time. The old man replied:

“I went out to drink tea.”

The Old Man’s Response

This careless answer left the staff members shocked and started to pressure him for the truth. The old man replied by saying that he wasn’t able to find any tea shops nearby the hospital where he took a huge walk in search for one. After going very far from the hospital, the old man said that he decided to return as there were no tea shops to be found nearby.

Subsequently, the police and hospital staff severely warned the coronavirus patient about being in the ward and locked him in his room so that something would like this wouldn’t happen again. Hospital staff have complained that coronavirus patients in these isolated coronary wards are going out of control from time to time due to inadequate care in the hospital’s corona ward.

They have therefore requested the government to strengthen the security of the hospital gateway. It is noteworthy that a 25-year-old young man also escaped from the Corona ward last week and was caught. The incident caused some agitation in the Rajiv Gandhi Gandhi Hospital premises and also a sense of fear that this might also spread the virus if patients keep deciding to sneak out.

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