Why is India Incapable of Stopping The Coronavirus?

India has been climbing the ladder in terms of the most number of coronavirus cases in the world. Starting from about 16th place at the time of March, the virus began to spread so vigorously that the country is currently in 4th place.

Research now states that a populated country like India would only hit its peak in mid-November. Read more to learn about how India is struggling to keep up with the lockdown and the lack of medical facilities to support the affected people.

What Are Some Statistics?

Just yesterday, a total of 11,502 new coronavirus cases has been confirmed where about 325 people have died. At this point, India now has a total number of 343,091 cases and 9,900 deaths.

The key reason behind India having such a low death rate can be inferred by the number of people are recovered. About 153,106 people are receiving treatment at this moment all around the country where a total of 180,013 people have recovered.

The key reason behind this astonishing number is due to the fact that India is a young country. Youth makes up about 34.33% of the nation and they would have a high chance of recovering from the virus compared to the older people.

The 3 highly impacted cities at the moment are Maharashtra, Delhi, and Chennai. The medical infrastructure in these cities is slowly crumbling as hospitals are now running out beds and necessary supplies.

What The Future of This Lockdown?

Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) states in their latest research that the number of coronavirus cases in India will hit its peak in the 2nd week of November.

At this stage, it’s clearly seen that the lockdown won’t help stop the coronavirus in countries like India. However, the curfew will only make sure to stop the virus from peaking at a later time. With the current impact, the peak in India will come in about 5 months.

What’s The Issue With Facilities?

Along with other issues like finance, putting the country under lockdown for a longer period of time will also hurt its infrastructure. Already, cities like Delhi are struggling to find more intensive care beds and ventilators to isolate patients.

If the health sector makes sure to operate at 60% at a consistent rate, then the need for corona prevention can be met from the first week of November. After that, as the impact figure peaks in the 2nd week of November, there will be a shortage of life support equipment, including 5.4 months of isolation beds, 4.6 months of intensive care unit beds, and 3.9 months of ventilators.

What Can Be Done In The Future?

The impact of the coronavirus would have 83% higher if the country didn’t take proper health-care measures and place the curfew at the right time. However, these effects can still be minimized if the central and state governments take serious steps to improve the infrastructure in order to accommodate the impact of the disease.

Speaking of deaths, 60% of casualties have been prevented by the use of lockdown and proper care. 1/3 of the 9,900 deaths occurred unexpectedly in the intensive care unit. 

However, it is possible to recover from the virus by increasing the number of tests, treating the isolated people along with improving intensive surveillance. Until researchers find a vaccine, India is only capable of keeping the worst to come by taking these measures.

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7 Replies to “Why is India Incapable of Stopping The Coronavirus?”

    1. From a personal perspective, I was very surprised to see the Government take this much action in the first place. However, it hasn’t been able to control the 1.3 billion people in the country.

      India holds 17.70% of the world’s population and a single country to control that many people is no simple task.

      That being said, I feel that the Indian Government has made some decisions that have favored the economy more than the people. I spoke about some of the mistakes on “Coronavirus: What Ways Are India Making Cheap Mistakes?” and “How Is India’s Lockdown 5.0 Proven To Be A Political Mistake?”

      I posted the links to both of these blog posts if you are interested.

      After watching many YouTube videos, I saw how the Indian People aren’t capable of following the lockdown rules. Recently, I read an article about how 277 coronavirus patients are missing in Tamil Nadu.
      Link: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chennai/corpn-has-no-idea-where-277-ve-patients-are/articleshow/76364319.cms

      I have also made a few posts about how the lack of cooperation from the Tamil Nadu people has made the lives of policemen much harder when it comes to controlling the spread of the virus. Many policemen are very frightened that this carelessness might affect the policemen themselves and their families.

      I spoke about the lack of sincerity from the people in posts like “Coronavirus: Tamil Policemen Panic As People Travel In the Streets” and “Coronavirus: TN Police Makes Enormous Arrests for Violating Curfew.”

      I also posted the links to these blog posts if you are interested.

      I apologize for the comment being this long, but I hope that this was helpful!!!!!

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