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Coronavirus: Modi’s Awareness Not Welcomed In Tamil Nadu

At the request of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, turning off the lights and lighting the torches was not welcomed in Tamil Nadu. On January 3, Prime Minister Modi appealed to the people to turn off the lights and light the torch on the door or the balcony at 9 pm on April 4 to show the strength of the people to fight against the coronavirus. Opposition parties objected to this awareness and accused the Prime Minister of not having a vision for the future. Social Media and trolls have been heavily mocking Modi’s speech on the 9 pm, 9-minute appeal.

At 9pm last night, Prime Minister Modi’s pleas were accepted by Chief Minister Edappadi K. Palaniswami, Deputy Chief Minister O. Panneerselvam, Ministers including Health Minister Vijayabaskar, Rajinikanth and DMK chief Vijayakanth. Similarly, various state chief ministers, governors, central and state ministers, political leaders and prominent dignitaries were briefed.

Although most authorities accepted the awareness protocols of Prime Minister Modi, the concept of turned off lights and flashing torches were not welcomed by the public. In particular, only a few people in various metropolitan and urban areas including Chennai, Coimbatore, Salem, Trichy, Madurai, and Paddy have turned off their lights. Street lights were also not turned off anywhere. In many places, the lights of the houses were illuminated and the public was doing their daily chores.

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