What Led To The Horrific Death of Jayaraj And Fennix?

A few weeks back, a policeman brutally killed a colored man named George Floyd where the United States went up in flames so that this man gets justice. Recently, another incident occurred in the south Indian state of Tamil Nadu where the police misused their power by killing a father and a son in the police station.

Read more to learn about the series of events that led to this horrific death of these two innocent citizens and the action that was taken on the police for this act.

What Led To The Incident?

Background: Jayaraj (age 62) is the father who owns a mobile store in the town of Sathankulam. Fennix (age 31) is his son who was supposed to get married a few weeks after this incident.

On June 18th, the local police in Sathankulam town went around the market area and informed the people that they need to start closing their shops before 8:00 pm. While they were announcing, it is reported that Jayaraj made some negative remarks about this new rule.

Although the police heard these remarks, they weren’t able to identify the person who stated them. Later that day, an auto driver came to the police station and informed the police about Jayaraj and how he was the person that told these remarks.

The very next day, a group of policemen came to the mobile store that Jayaraj owned and immediately arrested him. When Fennix heard about the arrest of his father, he rushed to the police station and saw his father being physically harassed.

Just like what any son would do, he tried to stop (NOT HIT) the police officer in his tracks so that he could save his father. Thinking that Fennix tried to hit the officer, the police arrested both of them and kept them hidden in the station.

What Happened That Night?

A friend of Fennix and their lawyer tried to see the physical condition of both Jayaraj and Fennix, but there was no hope. To explain in exact words, let me quote the incident from the perspective of an officer in that police station.

“It had provoked the police team, they thrashed both father and son for hours. There were two sub-inspectors and two constables in the torture team. A total of 13 officers were there at the station during the incident, including volunteers part of Friends of Police.” – Police Officer

Stated On The Indian Express

Since there are CCTV cameras in the police station, the police officers dragged the two men upstairs in order to give them a beating. Video sources show (I actually watched some of them….really heart-breaking) that the policemen tortured these two innocent men by sticking the police baton through their back.

After the post mortem report, Fennix’s sister saw something strange. She stated that Fennix usually has a lot of hair on his chest and after the report, it looked as if the policemen plucked out his hair one-by-one as a way of torturing him.

On that night, their means of torture was so painful that people living at a radius of 500 meters were able to hear the cries and screams of both Jayaraj and Fennix.

As a side note, these are some of the things that were observed in the post mortem report. What actually happened………only people in the station know.

What Happened The Next Day?

The entire family (mother and sister), Fennix’s friend, and their lawyer were waiting all night so that they could see Jayaraj and Fennix. When they saw both of these men in the morning, they realized that they were in really bad health.

The bleeding was so bad from their back that they changed their lungi (a lower garment wrapped around the waist) 3 times and it still kept bleeding.

After getting some basic treatment in the hospital, both Jayaraj and Fennix were being taken to the Sathankulam magistrate court. At this moment, Fennix’s friend begged Fennix to tell the judge about all the tortures that have happened to him and his father last night.

However, Fennix replied that the policemen threatened both the father and the son that they would destroy their lives if they said anything to the judge.

Thinking that Jayaraj and Fennix tried to hit the policemen at the station, the judge put both of them in a sub-jail where Fennix died on June 22nd for excessive bleeding and internal injuries. His father, Jayaraj, died the next day due to the same circumstances.

What Action Was Taken?

Nothing…..Almost Nothing!!!!!!

Surprisingly, no murder charges have been filed at the moment. Only a bunch of FIRs on the police officers.

After the raging protests, support from Instagram along with the push by many celebrities, 4 officers were suspended and a station inspector was transferred.

The State Government has decided to pay the family of ₹20 lakh. Also, Kanimozhi (an Indian Politician) announced that she will be giving out compensation of ₹25 lakh to Jayaraj’s family.

What’s My Take On This Horrific Act?

First of all, I want to share my deep regrets for Jayaraj and Fennix along with their family.

Torturing a senior citizen and a man who was about to get married sounds frightening. All that these two people did was make a simple remark in the market place.

But, what led to this tragic event???


The key reason behind the policeman firing up was due to his ego. He just couldn’t withstand the fact that a common man spoke against him in front of a marketplace.

This same ego was shown once again when Fennix came to the police station and tried to stop the officer. Again, a common man laying his hand on a police officer fired him to a level where he sought for third-degree torture methods.

Before I close my thoughts, I want to share something about the compensation that the state government just announced. I am quite sure that many of you have heard the phrase: MONEY DOESN’T BUY HAPPINESS.

I understand that the money would help the family in many ways and I am not trying to say that giving compensation to the family is wrong. However, compensation would mean that the innocent lives that were lost would equal to the amount of compensation money. A human soul is priceless and it would be cheap to put a price tag on it.

That being said, all that Jayaraj’s family and the people need is JUSTICE!!! Just like how George Floyd was able to get the justice that he deserved, I feel that both Jayaraj and Fennix also deserve their justice by putting murder charges on the policemen who were responsible for this act.

If you have any clarifications/thoughts on this particular case or if you just had something to say, feel free to comment them down in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Peace Out!!!

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3 Replies to “What Led To The Horrific Death of Jayaraj And Fennix?”

  1. Very nicely penned and expressed! I didn’t know the actual reason what they were in jail but you have explained it really well! It is completely disgusting how the police is able to get away with anything. Being a free state, citizens of India can speak whatever they want and that should not be held against them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I agree with u. Sometimes you don’t get the feeling in India that you are living in a free country where people are allowed to express their thoughts. I would say that people don’t get to utilize their freedom due to the intense corruption and a violent police force who raises their batons for nothing.

      Thanks a lot!

      Liked by 2 people

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