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What Happened To A Youngster Who Swallowed A Live Fish?

Many people on social media tend to get quite greedy when it comes to getting a few likes on a post or some followers on their page. Specifically zoning into Tik-Tok, there are many challenges floating out there that people attempt where some of these videos have been removed from the app. Today, I want to share a dangerous Tik-Tok idea that was attempted in Tamil Nadu which eventually resulted in his death.

Why is Tik-Tok Very Controversial?

As we all know, Tik-Tok forces people to bring out people’s creativity in very short videos. Since these clips are very short, some people decide to make videos that are has abusive content or dangerous challenges. A few weeks back, I wrote a blog post (Why is India Eager To Ban TikTok For 2nd Time?) on why Tik-Tok might banned in India for the 2nd time.

As trends change over time, there are many challenges that rule the Tik-Tok world where some of them have brought life-threatening reviews. On top of these, some people think of their own crazy ideas in order to stand out amongst the crowd. To mention some of these crazy ideas, I have posted a link to the 7 most dangerous challenges in Tik-Tok.

Don’t Try These at Home — These Are TikTok’s 7 Most Dangerous Challenges to Date

What Was This Tik-Tok Attempt in Tamil Nadu?

A young man in the southern state of Tamil Nadu recently died when he swallowed a fish that was alive. The local police are still investigating this incident where there is news that this fish got stuck when this man was making a Tik-Tok video. This young man was a builder and has a son that is currently 2 years old.

To give a rundown of this incident, this young man and some of his friends went to the lake sometime yesterday. This lake is located near his place of residence and his friends stated that he swallowed the living fish while catching it. Then, fish got suddenly trapped in his airway and the man was unable to breathe. When his frightened friends took him to the Hosur Government Hospital, the doctor examined him and said that this man was dead before he arrived at the hospital.

After the confirmation by the doctor, the fish that was stuck in the man’s throat was taken out during the autopsy yesterday. The Hosur police registered a case and are investigating the actual cause of this death. The police and the man’s friends believe that the young man died while making a Tik-Tok video. However, his family and relatives are arguing that he doesn’t have the habit of making Tik-Tok videos.

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