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What Made India Ban TikTok For The 2nd Time?

After the huge social media war between TikTok and YouTube, TikTok ratings jumped from 4.5 to 1.3 star ratings. I have spoken about this issue in detail in another blog which I have put the link below.

Why is India Eager To Ban TikTok For 2nd Time?

Especially after this huge controversy, many Indian people were looking towards another ban for TikTok since TikTok has already been banned in India before.

Now….the time has come where India not only banned TikTok, but also 58 other chinese apps. Read More to learn about the motivation that the Indian Government had for banning these apps.

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What Happened To A Youngster Who Swallowed A Live Fish?

Many people on social media tend to get quite greedy when it comes to getting a few likes on a post or some followers on their page. Specifically zoning into Tik-Tok, there are many challenges floating out there that people attempt where some of these videos have been removed from the app. Today, I want to share a dangerous Tik-Tok idea that was attempted in Tamil Nadu which eventually resulted in his death.

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Why is India Eager To Ban TikTok For 2nd Time?

Once again, India is facing another situation where they are on the verge of banning TikTok in the country. From the very beginning of this app, the relationship between India and TikTok has been very fragile. The usage of abusive content in this app has raised so many questions and was the main cause for banning it the first time. Although the ban was repealed in the Madaras court, read more about a recent Social Media war that has erupted to a condition where Indians are rating 1 stars in order to degrade the app.

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