Narendra Modi Wishes New Year to the Tamil People

Tamil New Year, or Puthandu, is a celebration of the birth of a Tamil New Year. The Tamil New Year comes on the April 14th of every year. Tamil people living in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries celebrated the first day of the Sinhala New Year. A Tamil year is an astronomically and scientifically measured period. It takes 365 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 48 seconds for the Earth to orbit the Sun at one time.

The year begins when the Sun enters the Mercury and ends with the departure of Pisces. So the duration of the Tamil year is always consistent. It is based on the Tamil New Year’s birth day and time. The English calendar often begins on April 14 and the Tamil year begins on April 13 or 15 in some years. The reason behind why it may fall on the 13th or the 15th is because the English calendar is not uniform. In practice, the Tamil New Year is celebrated on a particular day, but in the Tamil calendar, the exact time of the year is mentioned.

Tamils ​​around the world, especially in Tamil Nadu, celebrate the Tamil New Year on April 14th. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated the tamil people on Tamil New Year. The Prime Minister made a post on his Twitter page speaking to the Tamil people of India and congratulating them for the new year. Unlike his other posts, this specific one was written in tamil for the sake of the tamil people.

Prime Minister Modi's Twitter Post on Tamil New Year


Happy New Year to everyone, especially to my Tamil brothers and sisters. I pray that this will be a happy year. May your wishes come true in the coming year.

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