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Coronavirus: What Happened to Final Exams in India? (Part 1)

The University Grants Committee has recommended that the coming academic year may start in September instead of July. The coronavirus has spread and dominated over 209 countries, including India where many large cities have reached the red zone due to many new cases appearing all over the country. The Janet curfew has been issued across India till May 3rd to control the coronavirus. As a precaution, all educational institutions in India have been closed since March 16th. Also, the general exams at schools and colleges have been postponed.

It has already been announced that the semester exams for the 2019-20 academic year have not yet been held but will be held at the beginning of the next academic year. Accordingly to the institutions, these final exams are expected to take place in June. However, as the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increase drastically everyday in India, finishing last year’s exams seems to be more of a problem since the lockdown just seems to get extended.

Along with the lockdown, these educational institutions also seem to be pushing their exams where they have stated that all semester exams will be held in July and August so that students can be admitted to colleges only after the coronavirus has been completely eliminated. When do universities and colleges conduct semester exams and conduct online seminars? When will classes start? The University Grants Committee has formed two committees with 7 members in each committee to solve these questions.

Classes for the coming academic year can begin in September instead of July along with the NEET and JEE. JEE is the abbreviation for the Joint Entrance Exam which is a  a national level exam for subjects mainly related to engineering and architecture courses. On the other hand, NEET stands for National Eligibility cum Entrance Test which serves for students who want to pursue their career in medical or dental field.

One of the committees formed by the University Grants Committee has recommended that the admissions for next school year can be held in June. Another committee has suggested that the deferred semester exams can be conducted online if the infrastructure is available, or if the curfew is over, the direct written exam will be held depending on the situation. Based on this, the Ministry of Human Resources Development will be issuing a new update within 10 days.

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