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Coronavirus: What Happened to Final Exams in India? (Part 2)

If you read our blog [Coronavirus: What Happened to Final Exams in India? (Part 1)] from a few weeks back about the decision on final exams in India, the Indian Government previously stated that those exams will be held sometime during the next academic school year. However, read about what the Tamil Nadu Government has stated on the 10th grade exams and the exact dates of when those students will be taking them.

Final exams for 12th graders were completed on March 24th, and the 11th grade exams ended on March 26th. However, only public exams for 10th graders were unable to be completed before the publication of the Janet Curfew. This postponement put those students in deep stress as they had to keep studying until exams were administered. When the Janet curfew was extended from May 3rd to May 18th, K. A. Sengottaiyan, the Minister for School Education in the Government of Tamil Nadu, was very confused with the extension of the curfew and had to implement new rules for the remaining exams.

The extension has brought a tug-of-war when it came to the dates of re-examination for 10th grade exams. In the meantime, exam corrections for 12th grade exams has already begun on March 19th. The government has also announced that it will commence revision of the 12th grade exam’s answer sheet on May 27th. Also, Sengottaiyan has announced that they will be releasing buses as a form of public transportation for the exam students in order to contain the virus.

“Buses will pick up students from their house and drop them after examinations, including for students in hill areas.”

Stated by K. A. Sengottaiyan on “The Hindu”

The Tamil Nadu Education Minister was interviewed yesterday at the Headquarters of Chennai. He officially announced that the 10th grade exams will be held from June 1 to 12. Next year class selection for 11th graders will be held on June 2nd, as the deadline for postponement was moved from March 26th. Similarly, 34,842 students weren’t able to write the exam on March 24th due to lack of transport where those students will be given a make-up on June 4th.

All necessary security measures for the 10th grade exams will be taken for students who are currently participating in the June exams. For safety measures for the students, all students and staff who come to write or administer the exams must wear a face mask. Thus, K. A. Sengottaiyan assures the students and their parents that there is no need to fear about this sudden change in plans.

However, various factions including DMK leader MK Stalin called for postponing the exams, saying that the coronation period would affect the mood of 10th grade students. Meanwhile, a lawyer has filed a petition in the Madras High Court demanding the postponement of the 10th class examination, which is scheduled to be held in June. The petition is due to be heard today before a session of 2 High Court judges. 

So….will the 10th class general exams be held on June? Or will the opposition leaders successfully postpone them? Time will tell……


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