Coronavirus: What has happened to the Medical Waste from Hospitals?

Residents of the Karur Government Hospital are protesting to bury the clothes used by doctors at the Karur government hospital. About 110 people that were affected by the coronavirus were admitted to the Government Medical College Hospital in Karur Sanarpatti. Out of these people, it has been reported that 23 of these people in the Government Hospital were from the Karur district. Other infected people from that hospital have come from the Namakkal and Dindigul districts for treatment. 

These people are being treated by 11 doctors and more than 100 staff members. All of the doctors, nurses and staff members have been wearing protective equipment, including the PPE armor and the ’95 ‘face shield. They also make sure that they changed these clothes and masks everyday.

Protective equipment like the armor that the doctors used was dumped at the back end of the medical college. The cleaners who work there were only supposed to remove garbage on a timely basis, but this trash is medical waste. Therefore, they have decided to dig and bury the waste lying there. 

After they have made this decision, the cleaners have been digging a huge hole at the back of the medical college in order to dispose the medical waste. However, the residents of surrounding areas are protesting against this decision. People argued that if these wastes are buried underground, the environment that these people live in will be affected. However, the medical college administration has still decided to proceed with their decision and bury the wastes in that spot.

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