Narendra Modi Wishes New Year to the Tamil People

Tamil New Year, or Puthandu, is a celebration of the birth of a Tamil New Year. The Tamil New Year comes on the April 14th of every year. Tamil people living in countries like India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore and other countries celebrated the first day of the Sinhala New Year. A Tamil year is an astronomically and scientifically measured period. It takes 365 days, 6 hours, 11 minutes and 48 seconds for the Earth to orbit the Sun at one time.

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Coronavirus: PM Modi Extends Lockdown to May 3rd

As for the statistics in India, the total number of people who have been infected with the coronavirus have passed the 10,000 mark. As for the death count, 339 people have died in India. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, the numbers have reached the 1,000 mark with a number of 1,014 confirmed cases in the state where 11 people have died. The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has confirmed an hour ago that the Lockdown will be extended until May 3rd.

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Coronavirus: What You Need to Know About the Struggle of Tamil Wagers

The Section 144 ban has resulted in a dehydrated mountain-dwelling people living in Kuttikkaratu near Palani. Accordingly, the people who were initially living in the Periyar Mountains are currently given free houses by the state in areas of Mantidu, Pontupuli, Puliyampatti, Kattalambara and Kuttikkadu. There are about 70 families living in Pattari Rock and Kuttikkadu on the Pani-Kodaikanal road.

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Coronavirus: What Happened in CM Palanisamy’s Video Conference?

Now that the Coronavirus is spreading vigorously in India, Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Edappadi Palanisamy, has consulted with all his district collectors. Prime Minister Modi has announced the Janet Curfew on March 24th and state that it will remain in force until the April 14th. Tamil Nadu has issued Section 144 for the spread of coronavirus which followed by holidays to various offices, schools and colleges. Chief Minister Edappadi Palanisamy has appealed to the public to not get out of the house other than for essential needs.

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Coronavirus: Modi’s Awareness Not Welcomed In Tamil Nadu

At the request of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, turning off the lights and lighting the torches was not welcomed in Tamil Nadu. On January 3, Prime Minister Modi appealed to the people to turn off the lights and light the torch on the door or the balcony at 9 pm on April 4 to show the strength of the people to fight against the coronavirus. Opposition parties objected to this awareness and accused the Prime Minister of not having a vision for the future. Social Media and trolls have been heavily mocking Modi’s speech on the 9 pm, 9-minute appeal.

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Coronavirus: What Ways Are India Making Cheap Mistakes?

As doctors are advising on various safety tips regarding the coronavirus, the medical industry has become a spoken word in the world with panic. The government is explaining that nobody should be afraid since it’s no one’s intention to spread the disease and cause the vast number of deaths that we have seen so far. However, we also need to look at the different types of mistakes we are making during these times of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to India’s eminent virologist, Jacob John, he stated:

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Coronavirus: Reasons Why Kamal Haasan Made Himself Lonely

A notice was recently posted in the door of Actor Kamal’s home regarding the Janet Curfew. Kamal Haasan, the actor known for his 10 roles in Dasavatharam, was reported to be located on Eldams Road, Alwarpet, Chennai. Therefore, the notice was pasted and thrown into into the house at his residence on behalf of the Madras Corporation stating that “From March 10 to April 6, you must be in solitude.” However, this notice backfired on the Madras Corporation where Kamal reported that he wasn’t in Alwarpet, but rather stayed in another one of his houses in ECR.

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Coronavirus: TN People Worry About Special Travel Facilities

People in Chennai are having trouble getting a pass to go out. Out of the 5000 or more people that applied for a pass to go out, it has been reported that only 34 of them have been accepted. While the coronavirus threatens the world’s people, many people have died of coronavirus in India. So far, 86 people have died across India. 2,767 people were affected. 411 Tamil Nadu victims have been affected.

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Coronavirus: TN Police Makes Enormous Arrests for Violating Curfew

Tamil Nadu Police have filed a case against 15,610 people in violation of curfew in Tamil Nadu along with the fact that they have arrested 17,668 people. The effects of the coronavirus in India has killed many civilians so far where 26 people have died across the country and 979 people have been tested positive for the virus. Specifically in the state of Tamil Nadu, 41 victims have been affected.

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