How Did High Court Ban On Garbage Dumping Change A Lake?

Until a few months ago, the people in the Madambakkam area have been illegally drawing water from the lake along with dumping garbage in a part of it. A case has been filed in Madras High Court in order to stop the people from polluting the environment.

Read more to learn about this High Court case and a link to a news article which will explain the condition of the lake in detail.

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Coronavirus: What Happened to Final Exams in India? (Part 2)

If you read our blog [Coronavirus: What Happened to Final Exams in India? (Part 1)] from a few weeks back about the decision on final exams in India, the Indian Government previously stated that those exams will be held sometime during the next academic school year. However, read about what the Tamil Nadu Government has stated on the 10th grade exams and the exact dates of when those students will be taking them.

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