How I Got My Scar??? (Nothing To Do With Disney)

Hello People!

I was writing a reflection piece for English on a memory that I could recollect and thought of sharing that piece with you all.

Some of the bloggers know that I have a scar, but I want to make it official here along with a complete story of how I got it πŸ“ˆ

There is a life lesson I learned from this story, so make sure to read until the end so that you know what it is!!!

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What You Need To Know About Bombay Blood

Donating blood is a crucial act of service which could potentially save tons of lives in the future. With blood types that are rare such as AB-, donating these types of rare blood to a blood bank could them an unseen hero. We have all heard of blood groups such as A, B, AB, and O. However, we are going to discuss a very rare blood group that factors into its own division (HH Division)β€”also known as Bombay Blood.

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