How An Indian Student Scored Full Marks on CBSE Exam?

After a huge struggle to host the final exams in India, the results for the CBSE Examinations was released yesterday. Although the merit list hasn’t been announced to the public, they made notice of a student who scored an astonishing full score on all the exams.

Read More to learn about this student and the journey that he took in order to achieve this outstanding feat.

What Are Some Statistics for This Year’s Results?

The results of Class 12 examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was released yesterday. An overall of 88.78% of students have passed the published examination results. Of these, Thiruvananthapuram and Bangalore are recorded to have the highest pass rates in India. About 97% of students in these cities have passed the 2020 exam.

On an overall count, girls have managed to do better than the boys where 92.15% of them have passed compared to the 86.19% of boys that have passed the exam. About 66.67% of transgender students have passed the examination.

This year, the overall pass percentage has had an increase of 5.38% from the total pass rate of 2019. There has been a total number of 1,192,000 students that took part in the 2020 CBSE Examination.

  • 95% or above – 38,000 students
  • 90% or above – 157,000 students

Who is This Student?

The CBSE announced the great surprise that a student named Divyanshi Jain, a student from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh, has scored 100% on all the exams—a total of 600 marks.

This student is from the New York Radiance Senior School and had written exams in English, Sanskrit, History, Geography, Insurance and Economics. Although she had planned to take Geography, the pandemic restrained her from taking the one exam where the state decided to cancel it.

“I am amazed at the Divyanshi’s achievement. She has done us proud.” – Sudhir Halwasia (School Manager)

Stated On Hindustan Times

Divyanshi Jain is the 2nd child of a businessman father and a housewife mother. When results came out, she told the press that she was both happy and surprised at the same time. She credits this victory to the guidance of her teachers throughout the school year along with the amazing routine that the parents gave her on a regular basis.

“I am amazed at Divyanshi’s achievement. We were confident that the she will top but the marks she got are beyond our expectations.” – B Singh (Teacher)

Stated On Gulf News

Looking out into the future, Divyanshi Jain stated that she would like to study Indian History in college. She further said that she will continue to read more about the history of India where she hopes to study B.A. at the University of Delhi.

Some Tips From The Champion

“If you wish to do well in board exams then thorough knowledge on the subjects is required. Understanding the language and the exam pattern has made things easier for me. Though I followed the sample papers and last 10 years questions religiously, however this year, the questions were trickier and knowledge-based.” – Divyanshi Jain

Stated On The Indian Express

“I prayed every day but also studied hard. I made notes for each subject and made sure that these notes were brief, so I could understand the lessons quicker and better.” – Divyanshi Jain

Stated On NDTV

“Divyanshi also told that she never crammed any subject since there is a chance to forget and she used to analyze every day about what she learned during her revisions. Her focus was more on NCERT books rather than solving the guides. She also said that she used to sleep 8 hrs as proper sleep is necessary to perform better.”

Stated On ABP Live

“I also made it a point to focus on revision and mock tests that helped me to score better.” – Divyanshi Jain

Stated On Gulf News

If you have any questions/thoughts about this achievement by Divyanshi Jain or if you just had something to say, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP.

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