A Long Run That’s Been Broken (105-Day Streak)

Ever since the beginning of quarantine, I have had a habit of blogging every single day. However, my huge streak of 105 Days was broken yesterday.

Read More so that you could know why this happened and some of the things I learned during this journey.

Why I Didn’t Make A 100-Day Streak Post?

Just like my 100th Post, I actually had some plans for writing a post for the 100-Day Streak.

However, I came across an important breaking news in India about the potential release of a vaccine for the coronavirus by August 15th. When I read about this news, I lost track of the streak and focused on the vaccine.

I have posted the link to the blog post if you are interested:

How Has ICMR Planned To Bring Vaccine On August 15th?

What Happened?

If you don’t know me, I am a rising senior in high school. Therefore, college applications is just around the corner where that pressure got to me yesterday. Although this stress has been all over me for the past few weeks, it was yesterday that these duties was finally able to swallow me up.

Although I had a regular routine of blogging for these past few months of quarantine, something just struck my brain yesterday where I completely lost track of time.

Hence, I paid the price of my pampered streak…

Why This Hurts?

The very first post that I made was on a Tamil Movie named “Bigil” and some of the hidden secrets that were stuffed in this movie.

I put a ton of images and a lot of words (my longest blog post so far) to it. It took me a few days and many hours for me to write that post. After publishing, I lost the motivation to do it again along with my school work as it was just way too hectic.

At a time when my SAT was coming to a close, I had no other choice than to put this blog away until I get over it. Sadly, my SAT got canceled the day before the test due to the spread of the coronavirus.

I put a link to my first blog post down below.

10 Popular Tamil Scenes Seen in the Successful “Bigil”

How I Came Back?

Thanks to the lockdown, I got a 2nd chance on this blog where I took a different approach. I wrote blog posts that were about 500 words and bold all the important points so that readers know what’s important.

This allowed me to write about current events in a crisp manner that allowed my readers to quickly understand about the particular news without boring them.

While I had a lot more time during this quarantine period, I was able to successfully blog every single day. My topics mostly ranged around the coronavirus impact in India where I began to expand my wings a little bit during these last few weeks on national holidays, movies and cricket.

I have been waiting to get this streak to a 100 but I also knew that this would end someday.

“Every Winning Streak Will Have To End Sometime.” – Jahangir Khan

Quote by Quote Master

For all those bloggers out there who are blogging regularly or keeping up their streak, hats off to your commitment to your blog posts and I really wish you the best of luck!!!

If you have any questions/thoughts about this post or if you just had something to say, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below and I will get back to you ASAP.

Peace Out!!!

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