Top 6 Most Viewed Tamil Songs on YouTube

If you haven’t watched many Indian films, most movies consist of about 5 songs that are embedded in their storylines. Indian people take movies very seriously where people keep tabs on box office records and support the film industry in multiple ways—songs are no exception.

Continue Reading in order to learn and watch 6 Tamil Songs that have the most number of views on YouTube.

Let’s get into it!

Why Are Tamil People Crazy on Songs?

In order to understand the craze behind songs in Tamil films, let me make a simple reference.

By looking at multiple industries, I believe that Kollywood (Tamil Cinema) is probably one of the only industries to hold an audio launch for their movies. For those who don’t know, Audio Launch is a huge ceremony where people who have worked on that particular movie (both on-screen & off-screen) give speeches about their work experience.

Along with a grand ceremony, the production company releases the songs of the movie during this audio launch. The craze goes on where people get hyped by the movie’s first-look posters, teaser trailer, the actual trailers, and behind the scene photos/videos.

Top 6 Viewed Tamil Songs

Now that you understand the importance that Tamil People give to movies, let’s dive into some Tamil songs which have the most number of views on YouTube.

Note: If you try to compare Kollywood songs with Bollywood, Bollywood songs would have much higher views since they have a larger base.

  1. Rowdy Baby (Maari 2)
Rowdy Baby by Wunderbar Studios

# of Views: 877 Million

The heroine falls in love with the hero, who happens to be a rowdy. However, the rowdy (hero) doesn’t love her back which leads into a one-sided relationship.

At one point, a gang attacks the hero where he go to the hospital for treatment. While he was resting, the heroine comes by to check on him where she dreams of singing a song with him.

  1. Why This Kolaveri Di (3)
Why This Kolaveri Di by Sony Music India

# of Views: 228 Million

When this song came out 8 years ago in a movie called 3, this song became a HUGE hit around the country where this song took over the radio for a certain point of time.

For those that have language barriers, this song is WORTH listening to since it has a lot of English words and a different type of rap style that is easy to understand.

  1. Vaayadi Petha Pulla (Kanaa)
Vaayadi Petha Pulla by Sony Music India

# of Views: 157 Million

The reason behind this song becoming everyone’s favorite was the voice. The person you see in the video’s thumbnail is Sivakarthikeyan, the producer of this film who has an amazing acting career.

He made his daughter sing this particular song where her cute voice won the hearts of many people around Tamil Nadu. She even received an award for “Special Recognition for Young Talent.”

I posted another video of the awards ceremony down below.

JFW Movie Awards 2019 by JFW - Just for Women
  1. Guleba (Gulaebaghavali)
Guleba by Think Music India

# of Views: 153 Million

The man you see in the thumbnail is Prabhu Deva, a stunning dance choreographer where people watch his songs just for the dance moves.

  1. Chinna Machan (Charlie Chaplin 2)
Chinna Machan by Saregama Tamil

# of Views: 132 Million

Once again, Prabhu Deva ranks on this list for the most number of views. Just like I stated before, his dance choreography is his main attraction where this song also includes many behind the scenes shots.

  1. Aalaporan Thamizhan (Mersal)
Aalaporan Thamizhan by Sony Music India

# of Views: 123 Million

During its release, the movie itself was super controversial as it included many messages on politics and medicine.

However, one of the biggest controversies was this song as the phrase “Aalaporan Thamizhan” means that Tamil People Will Rule The World. At first, some states like Kerala didn’t release the movie in theaters due to these lyrics.

Aside from the negatives, this song is visually attractive to watch with huge backdrops and a stunning characterization of Thalapathy Vijay which made all his fans love this song.

If you think that I might have missed any song on this list or you just had any thoughts/questions on any of these films, feel free to leave them down in the comment section below!!!

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