My Top 10 Favourite Feelings (My First Nomination)

This will be my first blog post that will be directed towards a nomination. I am super excited to be writing this post and make sure to continue reading in order to learn about the blogger who nominated me along with 10 of my favorite feelings.

Let’s get into it!!!

Who Nominated Me?

First of all,

I want to thank Hemalatha Ramesh for nominating me for this feelings tag.

Blog Link 👉 Frameofsoul

She is an amazing young blogger who has a great writing style. I would personally recommend her blog post on “New Hope, Heart

My List of 10 Favorite Feelings

  1. Blogging
Photo by Unsplash

I began blogging a few months back in the month of March. I cover lots of news that happens in India, mostly in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. I have also wrote some posts on Tamil Movies, International Cricket and hopefully traditional cooking recipes in the near future.

Ever since I wrote my first post, I have been really enjoying writing my thoughts on some of the major issues along with reading all your people’s posts. This has been a platform where I am able to convey my feelings about the world and some of the ideas that flows through my brain.

  1. Photography
Photo by Unsplash

I am a huge fan of photography and I love to immerse myself in taking photos whenever I travel.

Photography is something that has taught me a lot of patience and an opportunity to think outside the box. Even during real life circumstances, I was always able to think that there is a different angle to my problems and push myself even further.

  1. Origami
Photo by Unsplash

On a general basis, I am interested in watching DIY videos on YouTube. Specifically, I love watching Origami videos.

Just like photography, the art of origami taught me a lot about perfection and a sense of motivation that you could make anything with something simple (a piece of paper).

  1. My Mom’s Tea/Coffee
Photo by Unsplash

I have a routine of drinking my mom’s ginger tea every morning and evening. Depending upon the mood, I usually have a few biscuits along with them.

Tea is something that starts my morning routine along with bringing up my energy levels when I get tired during the evening time.

  1. Aurora
Photo by Unsplash

Although I haven’t seen one in real life, watching a few of these online really calms me down and relaxes my mind.

Comment down below if you have seen one in real life or any experience that you might have had with an aurora!!!

  1. Tamil Movies
Ghilli Movie Poster by Prime Video

The reason why I started this blog was due to my love of the Tamil Community. Out of the many things I love about Tamil, one of the favorite things that I emotionally connect with is Tamil Movies.

I love to watch Tamil Movies from the 2000’s and early 2010’s. Since I was born in that time period (if you are doubting how old I am….I am almost 17), I would connect with some of the trends and narratives shown in those films.

The poster you see above is my all-time favorite movie, Ghilli, that released when I was about 1 year old. At that young age, I watched this movie like a 100 times.

Here are some of my blogs that are related to movies or actors.

  1. Alarm Clock
Photo by Unsplash

I have a love-hate relationship with my alarm clock. I am a night person and waking up in the morning is one of the hardest things in my life.

By the way, I believe that sleeping with your phone next to you might have radiation effects so I make sure not to have my phone in the bedroom. Also, phones are a huge distraction which could possibly hurt my sleep. Since I can’t use my phone as an alarm, I use my amazon echo dot in order to wake myself up.

Hearing that synchronized ringtone from Alexa annoys me when I wake up everyday. However, I can’t live without one of these because I need to wake up on time to start my day.

Although I can purchase some other alarm clock, I use my echo dot for various other things and it just makes my room a bit cleaner when I have few things in there.

  1. High School Library
Photo by Unsplash

During high school, I love to spend time at my school library where I manage the front desk, assist the librarian with her needs, fix printer issues and whatnot.

From a young age, I have always been an introvert where quiet places like the library is such a melody to my ears. To me, silence is a language that I speak quite often.

  1. Cleanliness
Photo by Unsplash

There is flow of satisfaction through my veins when I feel that I am healthy and clean. I always carry a little hand sanitizer with me all the time and make sure to wash my hands and feet on a regular basis.

Now that we are in midst of a health crisis, touching anything outside my house frightens me a lot. If I am outside with my family, I am constantly warning my brother about not touching anything.

  1. My Grandmother’s House
Photos By Unsplash

I am originally from the southern state of India, Tamil Nadu, where I was born in the capital city of Chennai. Although I don’t live in the country anymore, my grandmother’s house is something I am emotionally connected to.

It’s been a few years since I visited her house and it’s one of the things that I miss a lot. Whenever I go there, all my relatives also pay a visit where I had some of my best memories.

Since I am a reserved person, that house represents a sense of joy and has taught me many things about being social in life.

My List of Nominees


Along with Hemalatha Ramesh, these are some of the bloggers who have really supported me through my blogging journey!!!

Congrats and I can’t wait for your response.

Once again, HUGE Thanks to Hemalatha Ramesh for nominating me!!!

I hope you really enjoyed your way through my content and please don’t forget to subscribe to the blog down below and leave a comment. Please make sure to join our Facebook Group where you have the opportunity to connect with us and also a chance to regularly keep up with our updates. Thanks a lot and I will meet you’ll soon!!!

Peace Out!!!

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