The Best Father-Role in Tamil Cinema (Happy Fathers Day)

On this special post geared towards Fathers Day, I want to speak in detail about a movie that portrays one of the best father-son duos in Tamil Cinema. Read More to learn about a fragile relationship between a father and a son which turned into inspirational moments and life lessons for us all.

A HUGE Warning!!!

The movie that I will be focusing on for this special day will be Santosh Subramaniam. This is my 3rd all-time favorite movie and I hope you like it if you happen to watch it.

Since this blog post will be mainly focusing on the relationship between a father and a son, I won’t be going over too much on the plot of the movie. Therefore, for those who haven’t heard or watched the movie yet, I will leave a link right below that will lead you to the full movie in YouTube.

The Full Movie of Santosh Subramaniam on YouTube

If there are language barriers or if you just want a quick read, I will leave another link below to a short summary of the plot which will give a great understanding that is necessary for the remainder of this blog post.

SPOILERS: If you are interested in watching the movie in the future, there are quite a bit of spoilers about the plot in this blog post.

What’s The Connection Between The Father & Son?

A Picture of Subramaniam (Left) and Santosh Subramaniam (Right) From Cinema Express

The whole movie is revolved around the narration of Santosh Subramaniam, son of Subramaniam. When Santosh unleashes his anger in public, the people ask the story behind this anger. He states that his father cares too much for him which then leads into his flashback.

Santosh finished college and hasn’t gone to work for about 1.5 years. Since his father is a huge businessman, he wants his son to take over his company in the near future. However, Santosh wants to stand on his own legs instead of living under his father’s shadow.

From choosing a shirt to his hairstyle, it was always his father’s decision. However, Santosh wanted 2 things in his life that he had a say upon.

Job & Marriage.

If you haven’t guessed already, these two topics are the ones that make the father and his son to go against each other.

Looking at Santosh’s mindset, he makes sure not to reveal his inner feelings to his family (especially his father) about his father making all his decisions for him. Looking at his father, he doesn’t know the pain that his son is going through his entire life by formulating his life for him instead of letting him making his own.


As I stated before, Santosh wanted to bring up his own business instead of taking over his father’s company. Although he spent 1.5 years after college without a job, he was still determined to begin his own company.

Therefore, Santosh and his friends tried to get a loan in a local bank for ₹25 lakhs behind his father’s back. He eventually gets rejected since he wasn’t able to provide any sufficient security measures in order to receive that much money. (₹25 lakhs is a LOT of money)

After a while, Santosh’s father gets to know about this loan that he tried to get from the bank. This lead to a huge unleash of anger since Santosh tried to get a loan without his knowledge.

However, his tendency to care too much kicks once again. He states how he is even ready to spend his entire life savings on him, but felt betrayed by the fact that Santosh didn’t seek for his advice.

Although his father had a net worth in crores, Santosh only needed ₹25 lakhs to start his own business. Instead of trying to provide it or look in the positive manner of sustaining him, he showed his personality of over exaggerating the situation by keeping him under his shadows.


The story really starts to spring up when Santosh suddenly meets this girl (Hasini) in a local temple. When he observed her childish and jovial behavior, he was much more attracted to her.

When he learned that she was studying in the same college that Santosh graduated from, he decided to meet her and go for a cup of coffee. The story continues where they become really amazing friends who support each other.

Before Santosh met Hasini, he got engaged to different girl (who was chosen by his father). Just like all the decisions in his life, he had no other choice other than accepting his father’s decision since he didn’t have a single reason to go up against his father.

When Santosh proposes to Hasini, his father also happened to see it which Santosh in a difficult situation. He then proposed a idea of letting Hasini stay in his house for 7 days so that Santosh’s family could learn about her in a personal manner.

When she leaves after the 7 day deadline, many things come in line about who Santosh really is and the feelings that he has been hiding this entire time. This would then lead to a huge argument in the climax between Santosh and his father.

It was during this emotional argument where Santosh reveals all the experiences that his father stole from him in his entire life. I will leave a link below to this scene below.

This video has ENGLISH SUBTITLES. Even if you don’t watch the movie I would highly recommend that you watch this climax scene.

Father and Son Argument On YouTube

How Does This Movie Connect To Fathers Day?

By reading this post, this might seem quite negative on how fathers treat their children.

However, that is NOT the point that I am trying to get through. If you watch the heart-touching scene (one of my favorite emotional scenes) I linked above, you would see how the father and son connect with each other in the end.

The point that I am trying to get through is that our fathers do care us. Even if they don’t show it on the outside or they try to plan out our lives (like this movie), they do all those things because they want you to become successful in the future.

So, don’t neglect your parents thinking that they are not there for you. Your father and mother (there is a great mother-son relationship in the movie) shape their lives in a way that is suitable for you.

Although some of the things they say might sound bitter, they speak from experience.

If you happened to have any questions about any of the scenes in the movie or if you had something to say, don’t hesitate to leave a comment down below!!!

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Peace Out!!!

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