Coronavirus: How Are Bald Men More Likely To Be Attacked?

Regarding the statistics for the coronavirus count in India, the total number of people who have been infected with the coronavirus has surpassed 267,000. As for the death count, 7,466 people have died in India. Specifically in Tamil Nadu, the numbers of confirmed cases has reached a count of 31,667 confirmed cases in the state where 269 people have died.

What’s The Current Situation With The Coronavirus?

Now that other problems are going on around the world like the locust attacks in Asia and huge protests in the United States, the level of importance given to the coronavirus has been decreasing day by day. The key reason behind this is due to the lack of coverage by the media since they have better news to feed on. Another reason is that many countries are implementing relaxations and have lifted their curfews where many people are beginning to come back to their normal schedule.

Even if we decide not to talk about this health crisis, countries are still not able to control the spread of the coronavirus. Many developing countries like Brazil and India are receiving thousands of new coronavirus cases every day. During these hard times, researchers have found many symptoms that may result that the coronavirus. However, I want to focus on an alarming trait that may make people more suitable to obtain this virus.

What’s This Trait That Might Lead To More Cases?

For the past few months, CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has been updating their list of the possible symptoms of getting the coronavirus. However, studies are now finding some patterns between coronavirus patients which has revealed that the coronavirus can easily attack people who are bald along with the fact that more men are attracted to the virus compared to women.

Researchers at Brown University have found that the male-caused androgen hormone is susceptible to coronavirus where men need to be more careful during these times. By connecting both of these observations and studies, a medical research website called “The Health Side” has stated that men who are bald are more likely to get targeted during this epidemic.

According to a study published by the American Academy, 79% of coronavirus patients that are treated at a Madrid hospital have bald hair. Coronavirus has been found to attack the lungs, heart and intestines. Along with these findings, a recent study has revealed that the coronavirus in men’s sperm is also highly contagious.

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