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How Has Education Affected Indian People During This Time?

Out of the many struggles and new challenges that are being faced by the Indian people due to the curfew from the coronavirus, I covered some of the issues that banks in India are facing. Today, I will be covering some of the issues with education and how the school system will be affected due to this lockdown. Read more to learn about how many parts of the education will change in India as a result of the health crisis.

What’s The Current Situation With Education In India?

Parents spill their blood and sweat so that their children could go to school and have a better future when they finish their education. All they wish is for their children to step up to the next level and live in a better life standard compared to them. Thus, parents put their children in great schools so that they would do well.

However, the coronavirus has made these children’s house a prison from moving on to their next phase of life. Many senior year college students are wondering what their future will look like as job opportunities are very low due to the current lockdown. Opening educational institutions was discussed in Phase 3 of Lockdown 5.0 and might start opening by the month of July. Many Indian states are even struggling to administer last year exams for 10th and 12th graders. From all of these obstacles, the education sector has suffered a lot recently.

How Are Private Schools Financially Affected?

Private schools, self-financing science colleges, engineering colleges and self-financing university administrations are struggling to cover other costs, including salaries for teachers, staff and other corporations. Even though some relaxations are being implemented, it might take years before educational institutions are able to financially recover from school closures.

Therefore, academics say they need help of the central and state governments to prevent the country’s educational situation from getting worse. In addition, the dilemma that the coronavirus has affected lots of families and the country’s economy as a whole has raised fears that it will impact the future of the younger generation.

How Are Middle-Class Families Affected?

Many college seniors that have graduated are either a middle-class and an underprivileged student. Due to lack of quality education in government schools, 10-20% of middle-class people enrolled in government schools have begun to pursue private schools in hopes of somehow providing an English education to their children. Now that many people are making this change, they are forced to pay huge amounts of fees in order to study in these huge private schools.

Now that the coronavirus has struck, there are fears that middle-class family children may be forced to drop out of school as these people are facing serious financial issues from this crisis. As a result, many private schools, self-financing colleges, and IT and engineering colleges have no plan of their next move.

How Are Private Schools Trying To Make Money?

Even with the curtailment of currencies, many private educational institutions are now intensifying fees. The government has warned not to charge tuition fees until after the curfew, and schools are adopting innovative strategies to charge fees. There have been reports that some schools are forced to pay fees in interest-free financial institutions. If such an installment is paid, the interest will exceed by 19%. The review fee adds up to 3%. People who are financially struggling have already been affected by these extra fees where they find no other option than to borrow money. Parents are insisting the government that they should take steps to curb these excessive fees.

How is The Quality of Education Reduced?

It is not known when the academic year should begin in June. Steps are being taken to reduce the curriculum for students. Therefore, all students studying from 1st grade to 9th grade have been declared proficient. Unfortunately, more than 50% of these people are known to have learning disabilities. Now that these students are passing grades without attaining the full knowledge, many questions have arrived about the quality of the education and how that might negatively harm students in the future.

What Are the Issues With Online Learning in India?

The lesson is being conducted online, considering the impact of the study on schools being closed. Students participate in an online class through a cell phone. But the focus on the cellphone is more on the students than on the study. Some people are worried that they are focusing on social media. If this situation continues, the quality of students’ education will be affected. Psychiatrists say that students who study well are more likely to suffer. A 9th grade student in Malappuram, Kerala, committed suicide due to lack of TV and cell phone to attend an online class. Notably, many students are unable to participate in online classes.

What Do I Have To Say In This?

To bring all this information together, the India education system has always been in a pit hole where is great tension between public and private schools. With the health crisis stirring the country up, income inequality in India is now becoming more prevalent as low-income families don’t have the necessary pieces of technology to attend online schools. On the other hand, middle-class families aren’t capable of paying their children’s school fees as these private schools have decided to boost their costs. If the lockdown continues, the next generation of India could be hurt in the long haul.

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