Reasons Why T20 World Cup In Australia Will Not Happen This Year?

As the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and other sports events got either canceled or postponed, this has left many sports fan in sadness. For those who don’t know, cricket is a sport that is played by about 220 million people in the world and is mainly concentrated in England, Australia, and New Zealand along with many Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The International Cricket Council is currently in a tough position of holding a T20 World Cup Tournament in the middle of a health crisis. Read More to learn more about this tournament and the decision that the council will make.

What is The T20 World Cup?

Just like many other sports, cricket has a world cup every four years. However, world cup has two forms: T20 and ODI (One Day International). The distinct difference between these two versions is that the T20 has 20 overs, and the ODI has 50 overs. An over consists of 6 balls. When we do the math, one inning in a T20 match will consist 120 balls where the ODI match will be a much longer game with a 300 ball inning.

WIth this 4 year pattern, the initial dates for this year’s T20 World Cup was from October 18th to November 15th. The ICC has scheduled a total of 45 matches in this interval where a total of 16 international teams will play against each other. These teams would be split into two categories where teams will play other teams in their category. A preliminary round or a round robin format would occur where the top 2 teams in each category would move on to the play-offs in order to win the title.

What Will Happen To The T20 World Cup This Year?

The T20 World Cup in Australia is expected to be postponed until next year or 2022 due to the fear of the coronavirus pandemic. The ICC are holding an executive committee meeting today by a video conference in order for Australia to postpone the World Cup T20 cricket tournament. The meeting will decide whether to host the World Cup T20 this year or sometime in 2021 or 2022. This decision would revolve around other important cricket tournaments like the IPL and The Champions Trophy.

The Champions Trophy is already scheduled for India in 2021. Therefore, the ICC strongly believes that it wouldn’t be the right choice to host multiple World Cups in the same year. The 50-over or the ODI World Cup will be held in India in 2023. The 13th edition of the IPL is due to be held by October or sometime during the end of this year where the 14th edition might be planned 6 months after the upcoming season. Due to the confusion, advertisers are having a difficult time concentrating on television channels licensed to broadcast these huge tournaments.

Coming back to this year’s World Cup, if the World Cup in Australia is not planned this year, the chances of it happening in 2022 are very high. It seems likely that a final decision will be taken at today’s ICC executive committee meeting. Various rule changes in the game, including the use of saliva for the ball, will be discussed at today’s meeting.  

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