Coronavirus: How Japan Got Out Of This Health Crisis?

At this stage of the coronavirus, many developed countries have reached their coronavirus peak and are now on the decline. However, developing countries like India are on an incline where they have been receiving many new coronavirus cases every day. A developed country, Japan, has called off their lockdown where people are back to their normal lives. Read more to learn about what Japan did differently in order to beat the coronavirus.

How Did The Coronavirus Affect Japan So Far?

More than hearing the fact that Japan has won the invisible virus, the miracle is that Japan didn’t take as much initiatives as the other developed countries in the world. The first coronavirus infection in Japan was confirmed on January 16th where the country didn’t have much a quick spring of new cases. The new cases started to have an incline in the beginning of March where the number of it began to accelerate in March. On March 4th, the number of coronavirus cases rose to 1000 and the capital, Tokyo, became the epicenter of the epidemic in Japan. Soon, Japan received another sad news of The Olympic Games being postponed to 2021.

Along with the number of cases, the number of casualties also began to increase in April. On April 7th, a nationwide state of emergency was declared in Japan and on April 16, the number of victims increased to 10,000 where deaths exceeded 500. Just like many other countries, the curfew was then extended to May 31st. Although all these statistics synced in most other countries at the time of April, the only difference was that the spread of the disease in Japan began to decrease at an earlier time. 

In the month of May, the coronavirus in Japan had affected 16,550 people along with 820 deaths. The magical number that set Japan apart was that 13,413 out of these people were CURED. The number of new coronavirus cases quickly fell 12 people. As a result, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ended the national curfew as the number of new virus victims has come under control where the Japanese people have returned to their original routine.

How Did Japan Underperform?

As I stated before, Japan didn’t do much compared to most other countries. Everything from the restaurant to the barber shops was open as usualNo App was used to monitor the spread of the disease. They never cried for testing like other countries where only 0.2% of Japan’s population testedNo immunization centers has been set up in Japan and no civilians were forced into homes.

So…What Did Japan Do?

Surprisingly, there is no other factor beyond the fact that people made sure to wear masks, practice social space, and maintained their health. A Japanese medical researcher stated that Japanese are generally the healthiest. Also, clinical frameworks are also excellent where the country put a special team of 50,000 nurses about 2 years ago in order to help the people with any new flu and tuberculosis. This team was under continuous surveillance and played a key role in controlling the virus.

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