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Coronavirus: What Happened to Final Exams in India? (Part 3)

If you read our last blog on Coronavirus: What Happened to Final Exams in India? (Part 2), we discussed how the final exams for 10th graders have been finally given a date for exams. However, we finished up by stating that the leader of the opposition party, DMK leader MK Stalin filed a petition in the Madras High Court in order to postpone the exams. Read more about the initiatives taken by the opposition party and how the petition affected the exams.

When the Tamil Nadu Minister for School Education, K. A. Sengottaiyan, announce the test dates for 10th graders, the State Selections Department of Education made all the necessary arrangements for conducting the exams. However, the opposition party, the DMK, insisted that the exams should be conducted after the impact was reduced.

The Education Minister combated the DMK by stating that students will be provided with transport facilities for the examinations so that they are not affected. He also said that the selection centers would be kept to a minimum where only 10 students will be allowed to sit in one exam room. Although students have the chance to write their exams in their respective schools, the parents did not get the full consent to make this choice.

K. A. Sengottaiyan consulted with Chief Minister, Edappadi Palanisamy, yesterday about the new exam dates and decided that the 10th class examination will be held from June 1 to 12. The government has already released the new schedule for these exams with proper safety measures so that they are more secure from the virus and also from cheating.

These exams have created a lot of criticism among the people along the government in the state of Tamil Nadu. Many ministers consider these criticisms just the beginning since the announcement of these 10th class exams has given a bad name for the State Government as the coronavirus curfew has been extended continuously. Even amongst the cabinet members, many Northern and Southern Districts have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Chief Minister since they have been the first districts to open test centers when the CBSE administration (Central Board of Secondary Education) have changed the exams.

10th Class Examination Schedule

The 10th grade exams have been scheduled to take place as a regular 3 hour exam. A total of 15 minutes has been allotted for reading the questionnaire and for students to indicate their personal details on the answer sheet. Look below at the images for the new schedules for these postponed exams.

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