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Coronavirus: Top 5 Least Affected States In India

Before we go the list, I want to point out that India has a total of 28 states and 8 union territories. In this blog, we are going to ignore the union territories and only focus on the 28 states. Besides, some territories like the Andaman Islands are very particular when it comes to travel restrictions since the government decided to leave the Sentinelese tribes alone with their isolated home territory. Now, continue reading in order to learn the five states in India that have the least number of coronavirus cases.

1. Sikkim – 0 Cases ; 0 Death

Sikkim is a state that lies in northeast India where 75% of the people in the state live in rural areas. This state is mainly known for bordering the famous Himalayas along with India’s tallest mountain, Kangchenjunga. These mountains fuel a huge part of the tourism in the state along with some attractions in it’s capital, Gangtok.

With such tourism in Sikkim, what did the Sikkim Government do different in order to shock the world with no confirmed cases?

On March 5th, the government acted early before the Janet Curfew and shut off all borders and the Sino-India trade. The Chief Minister made sure to ban all tourists from the country and suspend all permits to foreign travellers. Before the huge wave hit India, the Sikkim government made sure to quickly bring back all stranded workers from other states or countries.

2. Nagaland – 1 Case ; 0 Death

A state that also lies in northeast India is home to many rural tribes along with many scenic areas and famous festivals. Nagaland was reported to have their first coronavirus case about a month ago on April 12th. The next day at 12.30 a.m. on April 13th, top officials in the state held an emergency meeting in order to discuss matters on their first coronavirus case. After confirming that this 33-year old man had the coronavirus, health officials made sure that he was admitted and went through proper treatment at a hospital in a medical college. Ever since, the state has been on high alert on the spread of this crisis.

3. Mizoram – 1 Case ; 0 Death

Adding to the tally of northeast states of India, Mizoram also belongs to that list with one of the least confirmed coronavirus cases. Although Mizoram and Nagaland have the same number of cases, Mizoram got its first case before Nagaland on March 25th. The state reported a few days ago that their infected person has now been fully recovered and that there are no active cases.

“While it is true that there are no active cases, we must remember that there are many people who have come into the state and are currently in quarantine and being tested, so we do not want to say things like the state is free of COVID-19.”

Stated by Mizoram Health Minister R Lalthangliana On “The Indian Express

4. Arunachal Pradesh – 1 Case ; 0 Death

Arunachal Pradesh is not only the most northeasternmost state in this Top 5, but also in the entire country. This state shares borders with multiple countries like Bhutan, Myanmar and the origin of the coronavirus, China. This makes the state very vulnerable to the coronavirus where containing it can be a huge deal if people began to cross borders. Arunachal Pradesh received its first case on April 3rd where the government managed to give proper medical treatment to the patient. On April 16th, Chief Minister Pema Khandu tweeted that the state has now become COVID-free when the patient tested negative for 4 times in a row.

5. Manipur – 7 Cases ; 0 Death

For the last state on our list of Top 5 least number of coronavirus cases, we have another northeast state that borders Mizoram, Nagaland and Myanmar. The state received its first case on March 24th where the state actually received 4 new confirmed cases yesterday. Although the state didn’t report any new cases today, the people and the state officials are worried that these new cases might spring up more infections in the future.

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