Coronavirus: What Makes Spraying Antiseptic On Streets Harmful?

As people began to stay inside when quarantine began, the streets and highways started to become more desolate. Since the coronavirus can spread by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it, this led countries to engage in serious street cleaning in order to kill the virus if it’s in public places. However, read more about why the World Health Organization stated that an antiseptic spray on the streets cannot kill the coronavirus

World countries have been going through a series of tests in order to contain the spread of the coronavirus. They have announced many stimulus packages regarding economic and health-care services so that they could keep the country running along with safely handling this crisis. The workers have been spraying antiseptic and drugs on the streets to prevent the spread of disease. But, the World Health Organization said the coronavirus could not be eradicated by antiseptic spraying on the streets.

The organization claims that the coronavirus or other germs cannot be eliminated by spraying antiseptics and medicines in public places such as streets and markets. They have stated these disinfectants that they are spraying is dirty and that these chemicals may not cover all surfaces adequately in all areas during the course of the disease. At the same time, high levels of antiseptics can pose a health risk to people. Especially for young kids and pregnant women, these levels are not recommended to spray the antiseptic on individuals under any circumstances.

This situation can be related to President Trump’s claim of injecting disinfectant products into the human body in order to kill the coronavirus. This false claim by the President alarmed many poison control centers and disinfectant companies who denied this claim. Despite the warning, many people in New York used these products which led them to their death. These products are known to kill any germs that lie on the surface of our human skin. Unlike how the President mentioned it, if these chemicals reach your lungs or the inner part of your body, they would damage those cells and could possibly kill them.

Just like how intaking these chemicals can be harmful, spraying antiseptics on people can cause physical harm or psychological harm where it does not reduce the ability of the infected person to spread the virus through means of droplets and contact. Spraying chlorine and other toxic chemicals on people can cause eye, skin irritation, bronchitis. In order to use the antiseptic, a cloth must be made which should be rinsed with disinfectant soaked cloth. Studies have shown that the virus can remain on the surface for several days in colder areas where the virus can remain on surfaces or objects in warmer places for about 12 hours.

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