Coronavirus: What You Need to Know About Vegetable Prices In Tamil Nadu?

Throughout this 2 month lockdown, the Janet Curfew has affected the Indian economy in various ways. We discussed a few weeks ago (Coronavirus: How Gas Prices Reacted Differently in Tamil Nadu?) about how gas prices in Tamil Nadu hasn’t changed a bit so that the government could focus on the epidemic. Also, people in the southern state have been panicking since the beginning of quarantine since 3rd parties have inflated the prices of groceries letting farmer’s produce go to waste. This was spoken more in detail in Coronavirus: What Happens When Tamil Nadu’s Bananas Are Wasted.

The coronavirus has been spreading vigorously in the state of Tamil Nadu where the state now has a number of 8,002 coronavirus cases and 53 deaths. Now that some groceries have opened in the orange and green zones, vegetable prices have come down after the market opened in places like Thirumazhisai. Recently, people and the media have been blaming the Coimbatore market for the sudden rise of coronavirus cases in Chennai and surrounding suburbs.

Meanwhile, a few days before the coronation of some traders and workers at the Coimbatore market, people were alarmed that they might have the coronavirus and the authorities sprung into action to evict the fruit and flower market. The public was banned from buying vegetables at the Coimbatore market in order to stop the spread of the virus even further. Subsequently, the Government of Tamil Nadu announced on May 4th that it was closing the Koyambedu market, which had also became a coronavirus manufacturing market.

In order to combat this issue, the Tamil Nadu Government has temporarily organized a vegetable wholesale store at Thiruneermalai in Chennai to make the vegetables freely available to the public along with helping the farmers by directly selling their produce to the people. After the increase of coronavirus cases, vegetable prices in Chennai have risen significantly due to the closure of the Coimbatore market. 

Prices Before Wholesale Store

  1. Big Onion – Rs. 40
  2. Small Onion – Rs. 130
  3. Potato – Rs. 80
  4. Eggplant – Rs. 80
  5. Goose – Rs. 50
  6. Beans – Rs. 180
  7. Garlic – Rs. 240
  8. Carrot – Rs. 160
  9. Ginger – Rs. 120

At this point, the vegetable wholesale store has been temporarily opened and the price of vegetables has been reduced since yesterday. The prices of vegetables other than beans have declined today. Over 4,000 tons of vegetables have been shipped in 350 trucks from Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh.

New Prices (per kg)

  1. Tomatoes – Rs. 10
  2. Big Onion – Rs. 15
  3. Potato – Rs. 25
  4. Eggplant – Rs. 20
  5. Beans – Rs. 60
  6. Carrots – Rs. 20
  7. Ginger. Rs. 50
  8. Radish – Rs. 20
  9. Avocado – Rs. 30
  10. Beetroot – Rs. 20
  11. Green Chilli – Rs. 20

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