Coronavirus: What You Need To Know About Vande Bharat Mission?

Vande Bharat Mission is a repatriation mission led by India and Air India in order to bring back the Indian people who are currently stranded in other countries. India began this mission by starting with its some countries like UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Bangladesh, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, the UK and the United States. Now, India has decided to move into phase 2 of this mission where they would soon be recovering people from more countries like Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Russia, Germany, Spain and Thailand.

Officials have stated that priorities have been given when people wanted to come back to India. They said that migrant workers, pregnant women who need assistance, aged people, and children under the age of 10 will be allowed first on these planes to come back. For those Indian people that have been selected, they will meet at a certain city (usually their capital) where Indian forces would test them for the coronavirus. If those people didn’t have the virus, then those people would be put on Air India (an Indian Airline) where they would be taken back to their home country.

Speaking specifically about the United States, the current Indian Ambassador to the United States, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, said the first flight will depart from San Francisco very shortly. Then, he stated that they will be operating 7 flights from 4 different hubs in order to fasten the process. He also said that these flights are flying to various cities in India. All Indians at the San Francisco airport will be returned to India under the Vande Bharat Mission. 

Santosh Jha, the next Indian Ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan, stated that those Indians who couldn’t return to their homeland through Korea, could come over to Tashkent (the capital of Uzbekistan), where the Air India flights would take them to Delhi. He also said all of those people who come over will be tested for their temperature just to make sure that they don’t carry it with them. He said that all of them would be sent to their home countries only if the temperatures were right, otherwise they would be taken to the hospital for testing

A total of 25,000 people have been registered in the first week. Air India flights have arranged to send passengers on 7 flights to their home countries. The Indian Government said this mission would be a continuous process which would take multiple phases to safely bring back all the Indian people from foreign countries. Indian Ambassador Taranjit Singh Sandhu said on Twitter that the next step will be more geared towards addressing the need of this mission and the places that those stranded people want to go within India along with considering the local situation there in those Indian cities.

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